Special notes

All fittings can be replaced directly behind the overflow on T9930 Softmood 170 x 75cm Idealform double ended model. T9929 Softmood 170 x 70cm Idealform double ended bath, 2 taphole fittings can be positioned directly behind the overflow, all others require checking for compatibility before specifying.


Artefakt Industriekultur


Modern soft linear design, perfectly matched to basin within the range. Rectangular and double ended models, both available in 70 and 75 wide Idealform and Idealform Plus+

  • Domestic and hotel use
  • 70 or 75 wide
  • Part of an extensive range
  • Idealform or Idealform Plus+


  1. T9930(01)

    Softmood 170 x 75cm double ended bath, no tapholes

  2. A3974(AA)

    TT Oposta shower faceplate & handles pack

  3. A3969(NU)

    TT built-in thermostatic shower valve, body only. TMV3

  4. E3194(01)

    Unilux 170cm front panel

  5. E3195(01)

    Unilux 75cm end panel

  6. A4609(AA)

    Attitude single lever one hole bath filler

  7. E5795(67)

    Waste 1½" bath pop-up waste and overflow components only

  8. A5901(AA)

    TMV Thermostatic mixing valve 22mm




  1. T9930 22.60 KG
  2. A3974 2.02 KG
  3. A3969 2.40 KG
  4. E3194 3.65 KG
  5. E3195 2.58 KG
  6. A4609 2.65 KG
  7. E5795 1.34 KG
  8. A5901 1.70 KG


185 litres (to overflow)

Finish key

  1. enlarge (01) White
  2. enlarge (67) Neutral / No Finish
  3. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated
  4. (NU) Unfinished


Constructed to EN 198:2008. EN 14516


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BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

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E3194 BIM 304.0Kb RFA Download
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E3195 BIM 236.0Kb RFA Download
T9930 BIM 396.0Kb RFA Download

Supporting Documents

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T9930 Data Sheet 184.2Kb PDF View Download
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Frequently used applications

  • Hotels Hotels
  • Residential Residential