Special notes

Suitable for Idealform Plus+ baths only.

Unilux Plus+bath panels for Idealform plus+ only

  • Domestic and hotel use
  • Available in 70cm, 75cm end panels and 150cm, 170cm & 180cm front panels
  • Three panel lengths


  1. E4796(01)

    Unilux Plus+ 150cm front panel




  1. E4796 3.30 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (01) White

Alternate options

  1. Default configuration

    1. E4797(01)

      Unilux Plus+ 170cm front panel for Idealform Plus+

  2. Default configuration

    1. E4798(01)

      Unilux Plus+ 180cm front panel

  3. Default configuration

    1. E4831(01)

      Unilux Plus+ 70cm end panel

  4. Default configuration

    1. E4832(01)

      Unilux Plus+ 75cm front bath panel for Idealform Plus+

  5. Default configuration

    1. E4833(01)

      Unilux Plus+ 80cm front panel

BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

Product File type Size Format
E4798 BIM 304.0Kb RFA Download

Supporting Documents

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Product File type Size Format
E4796 Data Sheet 168.2Kb PDF View Download
E4797 Data Sheet 66.2Kb PDF View Download
E4798 Data Sheet 63.5Kb PDF View Download
E4831 Data Sheet 66.5Kb PDF View Download
E4832 Data Sheet 66.5Kb PDF View Download
E4833 Data Sheet 63.2Kb PDF View Download
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Frequently used applications

  • General Healthcare General Healthcare
  • Residential Residential
  • Student Accommodation Student Accommodation


  • Space Saving Space Saving