Special notes

Consideration should be given to safe hot water delivery and the use of an appropriate temperature reduction device see A5901AA or Part G for guidance.


Modern styling in an old fashioned size, ideal for replacing an old 5 foot 6 inch bath. Idealform Plus+ has double the reinforcement of a standard bath for increased strength and rigidity. Suitable for bathscreens.

  • Domestic and hotel use
  • Ideal replacement for old 5' 6" baths
  • Idealform Plus+
  • Increased strength and rigidity


  1. E4781(01)

    Admiral 167 x 69cm Idealform Plus+ bath with chrome handgrips - no tapholes

  2. B5110(AA)

    Cone dual control two hole bath mixer - lever handles

  3. E4837(01)

    Admiral 167cm front panel

  4. E4838(01)

    Admiral 69cm end panel

  5. E5795(67)

    Waste 1½" bath pop-up waste and overflow components only

  6. E5800(AA)

    Bath pop-up waste operating handle and cover only

  7. A5901(AA)

    TMV Thermostatic mixing valve 22mm


Idealform Plus+


  1. E4781 35.01 KG
  2. B5110 3.09 KG
  3. E4837 3.50 KG
  4. E4838 2.50 KG
  5. E5795 1.34 KG
  6. E5800 0.82 KG
  7. A5901 1.70 KG


170 litres (to overflow)

Finish key

  1. enlarge (01) White
  2. enlarge (67) Neutral / No Finish
  3. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated


Constructed to EN 198:2008 EN 14516


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E4781 Admiral Bath 167x69cm Handgrips No Tapholes View Size Format
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Supporting Documents

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E4781 Data Sheet 249.6Kb PDF View Download
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Frequently used applications

  • General Healthcare General Healthcare
  • Hotels Hotels
  • Residential Residential
  • Student Accommodation Student Accommodation


  • Water Saving Water Saving