Building Information Modelling (BIM)

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an integrated and collaborative approach to construction. A process that involves creating and using an intelligent 3D model to inform and communicate project decisions and streamline facilities management.

Benefits of BIM

1. Fewer errors and omissions - BIM allows construction projects to be digitally modelled from start to finish. This allows architects to simulate processes to check for hazards.

2. Collaborating with owners and design firms - Communication in construction just got so much simpler. A picture says a thousand words... A complete, accurate, 3D interactive digital model says even more! Leading to smoother, easier delivery.

3. Reducing rework - The positive impact of reduced rework (mainly due to mistakes or miscalculations) is possibly the biggest factor on the project’s cost.

4. Reduced construction cost - The reduced costs come from a whole array of factors; Greater accuracy of project phasing, Greater accuracy of material orders, Reduced project duration, Improved safety, and Reduced rework.

5. Government legislation - BIM Level2 becomes a legal requirement for any public project tendered from April 4th 2016. will then validate BIM data (COBie UK) from October 2016.

How we can help?

1. Authoring BIM - We work with the industry leading Revit® software to create all our BIM objects.Autodesk Revit® the largest BIM software provider in the UK; Compatible with majority ofthe UK market, Ability to author out in .IFC OpenBIM, Employing the complete Revit® suite.

2. BIM Objects created from our original manufacturing drawings - Intricate detail, Realism and definition, Up to date, On average each model is less than 0.8mb, and Parametric objects.

3. In House Creation - In house architecturally trained BIM Manager, Our team author all our models, Greater accuracy, Faster, Up to date, and Unrivalled technical support.

4. Expertise - Autodesk trained design team, RIBA/NBS approved models, Hosted on,,, and supporter of BIM4M2

5. High level of information - Over 100 pieces of data attached to each model, COBie (Construction Operations& Building Information Exchange), IFC – Upper tier data, NBS Create – New building spec data, British Standard (BS1192:4), Future proofing, Keeping up to date.

6. Collaborative - Aid Level2 Compliance, Easier to use, Pre-Assembled models, Tailor made options, Dynamic market, Commercial &Residential Product.

7. Realistic Renders.