Special notes

This product is fitted with an Armitage Bioguard outlet which reduces the opportunity for bio film attachment and is lined with anti-microbial copper. Tap is activated by movement in the proximity of the sensor and stops immediately when both movement and proximity stop. Hygienic automatic flush can be set to occur every 6, 12, 24, 48 or 72 hours. Unique built-in thermal disinfection cleansing feature using kit S8239NU a bridging hose which is re-usable. A purging tool A4556AA is also available to facilitate initial installation or aid in system disinfection. * Line drawing shows recommended height over washbasin. Especially suited to medium and large hospital pattern integral back outlet basins and washing associated with clinical or nursing procedures. Flow rate regulated to maximum of 10 litres per minute.


Mainly used as a healthcare hospital mixer (TB H6). Demountable panel mixer tap removable spout and fitted with Armitage Shanks Bioguard outlet. Integral thermostat, proximity sensor operation and single flow horizontal nozzle. Insulated technology keeps the ‘hot’ side of the mixer at a safe surface temperature. Includes thermal disinfection features, spout is removable for autoclave sterilisation, body demounts from legs or panel for submergible disinfection and  Bioguard outlet also helps protect against bacteria. Optional adaptor for interchangable filter.

  • Medical and healthcare use
  • Front access D-08 auditing&servicing
  • Thermal disinfection feature
  • Demount, submerge and disinfect
  • Conforms to HBN 04-01 Addendum 2013
  • Proximity sensor operation
  • Built in isolation valves
  • Remove and sterilise spout
  • Bioguard against bacteria
  • Auto-Flush technology


  1. A6244(AA)

    Markwik 21 integral thermostat, demountable panel mixer, proximity sensor, detachable spout and Armitage Bioguard outlet fitted


Chrome Plated Brass


  1. A6244 4.91 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated

Flow rates

7.5 Litres per minute @ 3 bar pressure


Conforms to HBN 00.10, HBN 00.09 and HTM 04-01 Addendum 2013.

BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

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Supporting Documents

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Frequently used applications

  • General Healthcare General Healthcare
  • Hospitals Hospitals