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Sandringham 21 Washbasin Pillar Taps Lever

B9881(AA) Sandringham 21 washbasin pillar taps, lever handles

New Sandringham 21 range, based on proven body designs optimised for flow performance to meet BS EN 200.  Ceramic disc lever operation handles one of 3 handle designs.

  • Domestic and commercial use
  • One of 3 Handle designs
  • 'Drip free' Ceramic disc

  • Chrome
Material: Chrome Plated Brass
Weight: 1.10Kg
Flow rate: 8 Litres per minute @ 3 bar pressure

  • 1209112

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B9881 Sandringham 21 washbasin pillar taps, lever handles

Special notes

Suitable for balanced/unbalanced supplies. Inlets screwed 1/2in BSP male, coned for copper. Consideration should be given to safe hot water delivery and the use of an appropriate temperature reduction device see S7435AA. Water saving can be achieved by use of a flow regulators such as L6935NU to deliver maximum of 4 Litres per minute. Unregulated flow rate 8.2 litres per minute at 0.1 bar.

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