Special notes

Includes Easybox plastic installation box with double water sealing. Auto purge facility with frequency adjustable from 6 to 72 hours and run time up to 4mins. Optional remote control programmer F960970NU.

A range of sensor operated fittings with touch free operation to satisfy the demand for hygene and water saving. Range includes rim mounted basin spouts and mixers, wall mounted thermostatic basin mixers and built-in thermostatic shower mixers. Available in mains and battery variants, with and without user adjustable temperature. Adjustable run time and automatic purge (frequency and duration).

  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Temperature safety button
  • Mains and battery versions
  • Double water sealing
  • User temperature adjustment
  • DDA compliant
  • Easybox for simple installation
  • Top or bottom outlet


  1. A6173(AA)

    Sensorflow Wave Thermostatic built-in shower mixer (mains)


Chrome Plated


  1. A6173 3.70 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated

Flow rates

11.5 Litres per minute @ 3 bar pressure

Alternate options

  1. Default configuration

    1. A6172(AA)

      Sensorflow Wave Thermostatic built-in shower mixer (battery)

    Configuration options

    1. F960970(NU)

      Remote Control Programmer

BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

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A6172 BIM 300.0Kb RFA Download

Supporting Documents

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