Special notes

Operating pressures from 0.2 to 5.0 bar. 10 bar static pressure. Recommended supply temperatures, Hot 52-65 degrees Centigrade, Cold 5-20 degrees Centigrade. For best results both supplies should be at equal pressures. The valve is eminently suitable for multi point usage. The number of outlets that can be served by one valve is dependent on the flow performance of the terminal fitting selected. At 1bar 22mm valve could provide the following outlet options: 2 baths or 4 washbasins or 4 showers. (Assumes 15LPM for bath outlet).

Thermostatic mixing valves are to supply premixed water to a set temperature to basin, bidet, bath or shower. 22mm mixers designed to be positioned under basin, bidet or bath immediately below the hot water inlet. Mixers should be commissioned at installation to the application designated temperature. *For high pressure bath filler

  • Automatic shut off if cold supply fails
  • Hygenic
  • Precise temperature control


  1. A5901(AA)

    TMV Thermostatic mixing valve 22mm


Chrome Plated Metal


  1. A5901 1.70 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated


Meets the requirements of the NHS Model Engineering Specification - D08 for Type 3 Valves. BS EN 1111 & 1287

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Frequently used applications

  • Education Education
  • Factory Factory
  • General Healthcare General Healthcare
  • Hospitals Hospitals
  • Hotels Hotels
  • Office Office
  • Public Building Public Building
  • Pubs and Clubs Pubs and Clubs
  • Residential Residential
  • Retail Retail
  • Social Housing Social Housing
  • Sports and Leisure Sports and Leisure
  • Student Accommodation Student Accommodation


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