Special notes

Washbasins require flexible waste and feed systems. Multi System is manufactured by Pressalit Care

Multi System electrically operated washbasin mounting brackets allow for frequent and automatic height adjustment.
Brackets can optionally be adjusted horizontally.Suitable for Portman 21 washbasins and Salonex hairwash basins.

  • For frequent height adjustment
  • Optional horizontal adjustment
  • Portman 21 and Salonex basins
  • Light touch lever control


  1. S6664(67)

    Multi-System washbasin mounting for Salonex washbasins, electrically operated by lever, 30cm vertical and horizontal adjustment

  2. S2300(01)

    Salonex 61cm washbasin with 2 tapholes

  3. S8730(AA)

    Waste 1ΒΌ" brass strainer waste with lift out grid

  4. S6712(67)

    Multi-System track 90cm length

  5. S6721(67)

    Multi-System track stop

  6. S6686(67)

    Multi-System flexible 70cm feed and 70cm waste system for vertical adjustment only

Configuration options

  1. S6713(67)

    Multi-System track 120cm length


Mixed Material


  1. S6664 22.82 KG
  2. S2300 14.34 KG
  3. S8730 2.77 KG
  4. S6712 2.90 KG
  5. S6721 0.50 KG
  6. S6686 1.60 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (01) White
  2. enlarge (67) Neutral / No Finish
  3. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated

Alternate options

  1. Default configuration

    1. S6702(67)

      Multi-System washbasin mounting for Portman 21, 50cm washbasins, electrically operated by lever, vertical adjustment up to 30cm

  2. Default configuration

    1. S6705(67)

      Multi-System washbasin mounting for Portman 21, 50cm washbasins, electrically operated by lever. Vertical adjustment up to 30cm and horizontal adjustment

BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

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S2300 BIM 884.0Kb RFA Download
S8730 BIM 452.0Kb RFA Download
S8730 BIM 159.5Kb IFC Download

Supporting Documents

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S6664 Data Sheet 477.7Kb PDF View Download
S6702 Data Sheet 62.0Kb PDF View Download
S6705 Data Sheet 64.0Kb PDF View Download
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Frequently used applications

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  • General Healthcare General Healthcare
  • Hotels Hotels
  • Office Office
  • Public Building Public Building
  • Residential Residential
  • Retail Retail


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