Special notes

Order the pack to suit your room corner layout and all the additional individual products, S6454 rail x 4 and S6360 x 1 for full room set. For LRV and RAL numbers see Doc M introduction. Fixing heights: Floor to top of shower seat 480mm Floor to centre of back rest of rail 800mm Floor to centre of horizontal grab rail 800mm. Accreditations apply to some individual items and although every attempt is made to ensure this site has up to date accurate information, always check with the Accreditor website to ensure the product is listed.


An installation for use by ambulant disabled, walking impaired and infirm people, providing shower area with slip resistant floor, hinged seat, lever operated mixer, adjustable shower head, shower curtain and grab rails. Thermostatic shower valve TMV3 approved to help prevent scalding. This installation conforms to Document M of the Building Regulations. The shower valve and diverter is more suited to duct installation.

  • Meets all Doc M Building Regulations
  • Lever operated mixer
  • Larger washbasin set back 100mm
  • Room requires shower pack and the listed items
  • Corner layout for WC
  • Optional blue grab rails


  1. S6960(AC)

    Shower room pack with folding shower seat and back support in grey, 3 x 60cm grab rails, 2 x hinged rails and 2 x 45cm grab rails, lever operated thermostatic mixer for concealed supplies, shower handset holder, handset & hose, fixed short projection shower head. lever operated diverter. (Available in White (AC), Blue (LI), Grey (LJ), Charcoal (RN), Stainless Steel finish (MY))

  2. S3054(01)

    Contour 21 close coupled raised height WC pan, 75cm projection with floor fixing kit

  3. S3654(01)

    Contour 21 close coupled delay fill, syphon cistern 4.5 litre single flush for 75cm projection pan bottom supply and internal overflow, secure cover fastener, no lever

  4. S4420(AA)

    Spatula cistern lever close coupled (Available in Chromium plated (AA))

  5. S4066(01)

    Contour 21 seat no cover, top fixing hinges and retaining buffers (Available in White (01), Blue (36), Grey (LJ), Charcoal (RN))

  6. S2311(01)

    Portman 21 washbasin 50cm, 1 taphole with overflow, no chainstay hole

  7. S9137(67)

    Bracket concealed with clamps and centre waste support for Portman 21 washbasins 60 and 50cm

  8. A4169(AA)

    Contour 21 washbasin mixer thermostatic 1 hole, single sequential long lever, copper tails

  9. S8733(AA)

    Waste 1¼" brass anti theft swivel plug waste, 80mm slotted tail

  10. S8910(67)

    Trap 1¼" plastic bottle, 75mm seal, multi-purpose outlet

  11. S6454(AC)

    Contour 21 grab rail straight 60cm long x 35mm diameter (Available in Blue (36), White (AC), Grey (LJ), Stainless Steel finish (MY), Charcoal (RN))

  12. S6360(AC)

    Contour 21 hinged support rail 80 x 35mm diameter, Doc M Compliant (Available in Blue (36), White (AC), Grey (LJ), Stainless Steel finish (MY), Charcoal (RN))


Mixed Material


  1. S6960 69.65 KG
  2. S3054 25.86 KG
  3. S3654 16.70 KG
  4. S4420 0.32 KG
  5. S4066 1.55 KG
  6. S2311 12.73 KG
  7. S9137 0.95 KG
  8. A4169 2.85 KG
  9. S8733 0.35 KG
  10. S8910 0.20 KG
  11. S6454 2.00 KG
  12. S6360 3.15 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (01) White
  2. enlarge (36) Blue
  3. enlarge (67) Neutral / No Finish
  4. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated
  5. (AC) White
  6. (LI) Blue
  7. enlarge (LJ) Grey
  8. enlarge (MY) Stainless Steel finish
  9. enlarge (RN) Charcoal

Flow rates

7.5 Litres per minute @ 3 bar pressure


Download all CAD files
S6960 Doc M Contour 21 Shower Room Pack View Size Format
Front 47.3Kb DWG Download
Right 81.1Kb DWG Download
Top 89.1Kb DWG Download

BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

Download all CAD files
Product File type Size Format
A4169 BIM 836.0Kb IFC Download
A4169 BIM 912.0Kb RFA Download
S2251 BIM 1.8Mb RFA Download
S2251 BIM 1.4Mb RFA Download
S2252 BIM 1.8Mb RFA Download
S2252 BIM 1.4Mb RFA Download
S2253 BIM 1.8Mb RFA Download
S2253 BIM 1.4Mb RFA Download
S2254 BIM 1.8Mb RFA Download
S2254 BIM 1.4Mb RFA Download
S2308 BIM 1.8Mb RFA Download
S2308 BIM 1.4Mb RFA Download
S2309 BIM 1.8Mb RFA Download
S2309 BIM 1.4Mb RFA Download
S2310 BIM 1.8Mb RFA Download
S2310 BIM 1.4Mb RFA Download
S2311 BIM 1.8Mb RFA Download
S2311 BIM 1.6Mb IFC Download
S2311 BIM 1.4Mb RFA Download
S3054 BIM 837.5Kb IFC Download
S3054 BIM 820.0Kb RFA Download
S4066 BIM 64.7Kb IFC Download
S4066 BIM 340.0Kb RFA Download
S6360 BIM 504.0Kb RFA Download
S6360 BIM 448.0Kb RFA Download
S6454 BIM 548.0Kb RFA Download
S6454 BIM 320.0Kb RFA Download
S6960 BIM 992.2Kb IFC Download
S6960 BIM 1000.0Kb RFA Download
S8733 BIM 348.0Kb RFA Download
S8733 BIM 165.4Kb IFC Download
S8734 BIM 348.0Kb RFA Download
S8910 BIM 22.2Kb IFC Download
S8910 BIM 288.0Kb RFA Download
S8920 BIM 22.2Kb IFC Download
S8920 BIM 288.0Kb RFA Download

Supporting Documents

Download all Documents
Product File type Size Format
S6960 Data Sheet 364.8Kb PDF View Download
A4131 Installation Guide 232.5Kb PDF View Download
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