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HBN 00-10 HTM64 (DU HS) Dee Back Inlet Slop Hopper

S6551(MY) Dee right hand slop hopper with sink, back inlet

DU HS stainless steel plain top incorporating a sink and  a hopper, with earthing terminal.

  • Disposal unit assembly
  • Handed left or right
  • Screw to wall
  • Stainless steel

  • Stainless Steel finish
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 18.80Kg
HTM code: DU HS

Standards: 1.2mm Stainless steel sheet conforms to BS EN 10088:Part 2:2005. Other items to relevant standards

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Slop Hopper Combined With Sink

S6551 Dee right hand slop hopper with sink, back inlet


S4663 Flushpipe 850 x 35mm diameter for slop hopper

Bib Tap Mount Extension

B1684 Nimbus 21 bib tap extension 1/2" x 100mm pair


S3626 Conceala 2 cistern 6 litre single flush syphon high level side supply and internal overflow, lever with chain

Slop Hopper Trap

S3584 P trap outlet, plastic for slop hoppers


S8925 Trap 1½" plastic resealing bottle with 75mm seal, multi-purpose outlet


S8760 Waste 1½" unslotted strainer waste, 50mm long, 75mm dia. brass


S8270 Markwik ½" bib taps

Bib Tap Mount

B1686 Nimbus 21 concealed bib tap wall mountself centralising installation pair

WC Actuator

S4385 High Level Lever Assembly For Conceala 1 Cistern

Washbasin Support Leg

S9281 Leg 900mm stainless steel to floor (2 required)


S3632 Conceala 1 cistern 9 litre single flush syphon, alternative height plastic flushbends side supply and internal overflow, no lever

Slop Hopper Trap

S3585 S trap outlet, plastic for slop hoppers


Special notes

Note HTM64 does not cover for the provision of leg supports to floor.