Special notes

See auto cistern and flush pipe selector page, for selection of multi bowl and pipework ranges. For sensor flush see Sensorflow 21 urinal flushing device page

Contour Vitreous china bowl urinal, panel mounted single, double or triple urinal ranges, UR H 1, 2 or 3 - with concealed high level cistern, pipework and trap.

  • Hospital pattern urinal
  • Concealed trap


  1. S6110(01)

    (UR H) Contour urinal in vitreous china, 67cm, concealed

  2. S8850(67)

    Waste 1½" plastic domed strainer waste, 45mm unslotted tail

  3. S8970(67)

    Trap 1½" plastic P with 75mm seal, multi-purpose outlet suitable for plastic and BS copper pipe

  4. S9275(67)

    Urinal concealed hangers, Steel

  5. S6286(AA)

    Spreader, back inlet for vitreous china bowl urinal

  6. S9276(67)

    Toggle bolts to suit maximum 25mm panel thickness

Configuration options

  1. S6120(01)

    (UR H) Urinal division Vitreous China with hanger and screw

  2. S8770(MY)

    Waste 1½" strainer waste brass with stainless steel dome

  3. S6215(67)

    Conceala auto cistern 4.5 litre with cover, auto syphon and petcock

  4. S6216(67)

    Conceala auto cistern 9.0 litre with cover, auto syphon and petcock

  5. S6217(67)

    Conceala auto cistern 13.6 litre with cover auto syphon and petcock

  6. A4854(AA)

    Sensorflow 21 urinal flush, panel mounted, mains (Available in Brushed Steel (GN))

  7. S6226(NU)

    Flushpipes concealed for 1 bowl urinal

  8. S6227(NU)

    Flushpipes concealed for 2 bowl urinals

  9. S6228(NU)

    Flushpipes concealed for 3 bowl urinals

  10. S6229(NU)

    Flushpipes concealed for 4 bowl urinals

  11. S6230(NU)

    Flushpipes concealed for 5 bowl urinals


Vitreous China


  1. S6110 16.00 KG
  2. S8850 0.20 KG
  3. S8970 1.00 KG
  4. S9275 1.00 KG
  5. S6286 0.01 KG
  6. S9276 2.00 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (01) White
  2. enlarge (67) Neutral / No Finish
  3. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated
  4. enlarge (GN) Brushed Steel
  5. enlarge (MY) Stainless Steel finish
  6. (NU) Unfinished


Vitreous china to BS 3402


Download all CAD files
S6110 Contour Urinal 67cm Back Inlet Concealed View Size Format
23.7Kb DWG Download
Top 25.2Kb DWG Download
Left 24.1Kb DWG Download
Front 26.3Kb DWG Download
S6120 Urinal Division With Hanger & Screw View Size Format
3D 917.8Kb DXF Download

BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

Download all CAD files
Product File type Size Format
S6110 BIM 783.2Kb IFC Download
S6110 BIM 1.3Mb RFA Download
S6120 BIM 468.0Kb RFA Download
S6217 BIM 376.0Kb RFA Download
S8970 BIM 612.0Kb RFA Download

Supporting Documents

Download all Documents
Product File type Size Format
S6110 Data Sheet 129.9Kb PDF View Download
A4854 Installation Guide 826.3Kb PDF View Download
View larger image HBN 00-10 HTM64 (UR H) Contour Urinal
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Frequently used applications

  • Education Education
  • Factory Factory
  • Hospitals Hospitals
  • Hotels Hotels
  • Office Office
  • Public Building Public Building
  • Pubs and Clubs Pubs and Clubs
  • Retail Retail
  • Sports and Leisure Sports and Leisure
  • Vandal Risk Vandal Risk


  • Water Saving Water Saving