Special notes

Lever cistern fittings are reversible. WC screwed to floor using floor fixing kit (supplied) & cistern screwed to wall.


Robin Levien, RDI

Contour 21 70cm projection hospital pattern back to wall rimless WC pan with horizontal outlet for ducts. Plastic ring seat, no cover for fully enclosed seat holes on easy clean metal hinges, no raised height seat, no cover, no exposed fixings. See HTM64 (2006) for compliant dimensions 480mm high at top of seat at 70cm projection to HBN. For use by ambulant and ambulant disabled users

  • Hospital pattern
  • concealed top fixing seats
  • No touch sensor flush option
  • Rimless, to HTM64 (2006) & HBN
  • Reversible flushing lever
  • 4.5/3 litre dual flush option


  1. S3115(01)

    (WC H) Contour 21 back to wall rimless raised height WC pan with floor fixing kit horizontal outlet, 70cm NHS projection

  2. S3617(67)

    Conceala 2 cistern 4.5 or 6 litre single flush syphon side supply and internal overflow plastic flushbend, long CP lever

  3. S4066(01)

    Contour 21 seat no cover, top fixing hinges and retaining buffers (Available in White (01), Blue (36), Grey (LJ), Charcoal (RN))

  4. S6481(AC)

    Contour 21 back support rail for 70cm projection HTM64 WC, 40 x 17 x 35mm diameter tube (Available in Blue (36), White (AC), Grey (LJ), Stainless Steel finish (MY), Charcoal (RN))

  5. S6884(67)

    Cushion for back support with clips, new design

  6. S4302(67)

    Contour 21 flushpipe constructed, necessary for installation


Vitreous China


  1. S3115 31.05 KG
  2. S3617 3.00 KG
  3. S4066 1.55 KG
  4. S6481 0.85 KG
  5. S6884 4.00 KG
  6. S4302 0.39 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (01) White
  2. enlarge (36) Blue
  3. enlarge (67) Neutral / No Finish
  4. (AC) White
  5. enlarge (LJ) Grey
  6. enlarge (MY) Stainless Steel finish
  7. enlarge (RN) Charcoal


Vitreous china to BS 3402


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S3115 Contour 21 Back To Wall Rimless Raised Height WC Pan, 70cm projection View Size Format
Top 18.5Kb DWG Download
Left 20.1Kb DWG Download
Front 21.6Kb DWG Download

BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

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E4437 BIM 304.0Kb RFA Download
S3115 BIM 837.1Kb IFC Download
S3115 BIM 688.0Kb RFA Download
S3599 BIM 444.0Kb RFA Download
S3617 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3617 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S3621 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S3622 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S3623 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S3625 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S3626 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S3635 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S3636 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S3640 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3640 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S3643 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S4066 BIM 64.7Kb IFC Download
S4066 BIM 340.0Kb RFA Download
S4270 BIM 500.0Kb RFA Download
S4302 BIM 143.1Kb IFC Download
S4302 BIM 248.0Kb RFA Download
S4397 BIM 304.0Kb RFA Download
S4399 BIM 304.0Kb RFA Download
S4463 BIM 280.0Kb RFA Download
S4464 BIM 280.0Kb RFA Download
S4503 BIM 304.0Kb RFA Download
S4504 BIM 400.0Kb RFA Download
S4504 BIM 304.0Kb RFA Download
S4512 BIM 280.0Kb RFA Download
S4512 BIM 280.0Kb RFA Download
S4513 BIM 280.0Kb RFA Download
S4513 BIM 280.0Kb RFA Download

Supporting Documents

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S3115 Data Sheet 171.8Kb PDF View Download
View larger image HBN 00-10 HTM64 (WC HD) Contour 21 BTW WC
This image is for illustrative purposes only

Frequently used applications

  • Hospitals Hospitals


  • Special Care Special Care
  • Water Saving Water Saving