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Included as standard in all Armaglide 2 shower kits, plus many Idealrain shower kits.

UK water regulations and EN1717 require the prevention of backflow or back siphonage of contaminated fluids into the drinking water supply. The greatest risk are fluids found in WCs and bidets, hospital wetrooms and kitchen sinks, which are classed as fluid category 5. The risk posed by class 5 fluids means mechanical hydraulic protection devices are not permitted, and only physical air gaps are accepted. Our innovative solution is a shower hose retainer which physically ensures an adequate air gap at all times, and requires tools to remove. The hose retainer must be positioned in the shower configuration in such a way that the shower handspray can never reach the contaminated fluids. Retainers which allow the hose to pass through them by simply unscrewing it are now only suitable for fluids up to category 3.

  • Prevents back siphonage
  • Ensures compliance with water regulations
  • 2 versions available
  • Suitable for all fluids inc category 5 Maintains an air gap
  • Requires tools to remove


  1. B1363(AA)

    Category 5 hose retainer for shower kits which fits onto slide rail to limit handspray movement, to prevent back siphonage in category 5 installations


Chrome Plated Plastic


  1. B1363 0.10 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated

Alternate options

  1. Default configuration

    1. B1364(AA)

      Category 5 hose retainer for for wall fixing which screws to the wall to limit handspray movement, to prevent back siphonage in category 5 installations

Supporting Documents

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