Aluminium alloy build-in brackets, 355mm overall, 305mm stud (pair)

  • Build-in brackets
  • Aluminium alloy


  1. S9221(67)

    Brackets build-in Aluminium alloy, 355mm overall, 305mm stud (pair)


Cast Aluminium


  1. S9221 2.00 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (67) Neutral / No Finish

Alternate options

  1. Default configuration

    1. S9219(67)

      Brackets build-in Aluminium alloy, 405mm overall, 355mm stud (pair)

  2. Default configuration

    1. S9220(67)

      Bracket build-in, 405mm overall, 355mm stud (single), Aluminium alloy

  3. Default configuration

    1. S9217(67)

      Brackets build-in Aluminium alloy, 455mm overall, 405mm stud (pair)

Supporting Documents

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