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  1. Bottle Traps

    Bottle Traps


    (TR2/P) 1 1/2in plastic bottle trap with 75mm seal

  2. Wastes



    1 1/2in slotted waste, chain and plug, bolt stay, 90mm tail

  3. Bib Taps Wall Mounts Exposed

    1/2in wall mounts for bib taps, exposed plumbing (pair)

  4. Brackets



    Aluminium alloy build-in brackets, 355mm overall, 305mm stud (pair)

  5. Legs & Bearers

    Legs & Bearers


    Stainless steel legs 350mm high with screw to wall aluminium alloy bearers, 355mm overall, 305mm stud (pairs)

Viewing results 1 - 5 of 5