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  1. Back Support

    Back Support


    Multi System back support.

  2. Flexible Waste & Feed Connections

    Multi System flexible inlet feed and waste systems are an essential part of installing Multi System height adjustable washbasins using electric, gas o...

  3. Handrails



     Multi System handrails are manufactured from polyester coated aluminium. Handrails are 33mm in diameter and have been designed with non-conducti...

  4. Hinged Arms

    Hinged Arms


    Multi System arms ensure that the user has good support and a safe grip when rising, turning or transferring. Can be used around the WC or within a sh...

  5. Modular Shelf Unit

    Modular Shelf Unit


    Multi System’s modular shelf unit allows items to be readily within reach of the user.

  6. Multi System Track

    Multi System Track


    Multi System track allows items such as washbasins, shower chairs, support arms and grab rails to be moved and secured to suit individual needs and ci...

  7. Raised Toilet Seat

    Raised Toilet Seat


    Multi System raised toilet seats provide a secure platform to help with the many different methods of transfer. A standard height pan with a raised s...

  8. Shower Curtains

    Shower Curtains


    Multi System shower curtains and rail.

  9. Shower Mixer Valve Bracket

    Multi System shower with exposed valve and adjustable rail-mounted handset. Allows the shower to be used where it is needed.

  10. Washbasin Electric Mounting Bracket

    Multi System electrically operated washbasin mounting brackets allow for frequent and automatic height adjustment.Brackets can optionally be adjusted ...

Viewing results 1 - 10 of 12