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Sanura HygenIQ Bowl 50cm/40cm Urinal - Concealed Auto Cistern

S6118(01) Sanura HygenIQ 50cm wall urinal

Sanura hygenIQ urinal, for a cleaner, healthier washroom. 
Unique fin design reduces splashing by 90% reducing contamination on users clothes and surrounding washroom surfaces.
A breakthrough in washroom hygiene.

  • Wall mounted urinal
  • Concealed option
  • Concealed Auto Cistern
  • Available in ranges of 1 to 5 urinals
  • Splash reducing design

  • White
Material: Vitreous China
Weight: 13.50Kg

Standards: Vitreous china to BS 3402

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S6118 Sanura HygenIQ 50cm wall urinal


S8849 HygenIQ plastic splash reducing waste, 50mm unslotted tail


S8925 Trap 1½" plastic resealing bottle with 75mm seal, multi-purpose outlet

Urinal Hangers

S9275 Urinal concealed hangers, Steel

Urinal Spreader

S6286 Spreader, back inlet for vitreous china bowl urinal

Urinal Auto Cistern

S6215 Conceala auto cistern 4.5 litre with cover, auto syphon and petcock

Urinal Auto Cistern

S6216 Conceala auto cistern 9.0 litre with cover, auto syphon and petcock

Urinal Auto Cistern

S6217 Conceala auto cistern 13.6 litre with cover auto syphon and petcock


S8915 Trap 1½" plastic bottle with 75mm seal, multi-purpose outlet

Urinal Flush Actuator

A4854 Sensorflow 21 urinal flush, panel mounted, mains

Urinal Flushpipes

S6226 Flushpipes concealed for 1 bowl urinal

Urinal Flushpipes

S6227 Flushpipes concealed for 2 bowl urinals

Urinal Flushpipes

S6228 Flushpipes concealed for 3 bowl urinals

Urinal Flushpipes

S6229 Flushpipes concealed for 4 bowl urinals

Urinal Flushpipes

S6230 Flushpipes concealed for 5 bowl urinals

Urinal Division

S6120 Urinal division Vitreous China with hanger and screw


Special notes

Please click the [Specify this] button and then choose the number of bowls in each range. See further pages for additional information on flushpipes for ranges of from 1 to 5 urinals. See also Sensorflow urinal flushing page