Special notes

E0060 support brackets secured to floor within the duct, WC fixed to support brackets with hidden fixing set provided. Joint sealed with waterproof sealant (not supplied)


Artefakt Industriekultur

Tonic II is a new contemporary range of ceramics, furniture, baths & fittings designed by Artefakt. The suite combines a timeless, stylish aesthetic with practicality & versatility. Tonic II WCs come with the innovative new Aquablade flushing technology setting new standards in hygiene, aesthetics and performance.

  • Domestic and commercial use
  • Part of an extensive range
  • Easy take off seat hinges
  • Water efficient
  • New Aquablade flushing technology
  • Completely hidden fixation system


  1. K3158(01)

    Tonic II wall mounted wc pan with Aquablade technology

  2. S3643(67)

    Conceala 2 cistern 4.5/3 or 4/2.6 litre dual flush valve side supply and internal overflow, alternative height plastic flushbends, no flushplate

  3. K7065(01)

    Tonic II toilet seat and cover, slow close

  4. E4465(AA)

    Karisma flush plate dual flush, branded for Conceala 2 cisterns, chrome (Available in Chromium plated (AA), Brushed Steel (GN), Light Blue (36), Red (GQ), yellow (79))

  5. E0060(67)

    Support frame with bolts for wall hung WC pans

Configuration options

  1. K7064(01)

    Tonic II toilet seat and cover, standard close

  2. S3624(67)

    Conceala 2 cistern 6/4 litre dual flush valve top inlet and internal overflow, alternative height plastic flushbends


Vitreous China


  1. K3158 25.00 KG
  2. S3643 2.60 KG
  3. K7065 2.35 KG
  4. E4465 0.50 KG
  5. E0060 4.28 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (01) White
  2. enlarge (36) Light Blue
  3. enlarge (67) Neutral / No Finish
  4. enlarge (79) yellow
  5. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated
  6. enlarge (GN) Brushed Steel
  7. enlarge (GQ) Red


Vitreous china to BS3402. WC pan to BS EN 997 and BS EN 33


Download all CAD files
K3158 Tonic II Wall Mounted WC Pan View Size Format
Top 62.5Kb DWG Download
Left 77.6Kb DWG Download
Front 67.1Kb DWG Download
3D 1.6Mb DXF Download

BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

Download all CAD files
Product File type Size Format
E0060 BIM 29.0Kb IFC Download
E0060 BIM 384.0Kb RFA Download
E4463 BIM 348.0Kb RFA Download
E4465 BIM 348.0Kb RFA Download
K3158 BIM 704.0Kb RFA Download
K7064 BIM 256.0Kb RFA Download
K7065 BIM 256.0Kb RFA Download
S3617 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3619 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3620 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3621 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3622 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3623 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3625 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3635 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3636 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3640 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S3643 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download
S4270 BIM 408.0Kb RFA Download

Supporting Documents

Download all Documents
Product File type Size Format
K3158 Data Sheet 259.6Kb PDF View Download
K3158 Installation Guide 2.0Mb PDF View Download
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Frequently used applications

  • Hotels Hotels
  • Office Office
  • Public Building Public Building
  • Pubs and Clubs Pubs and Clubs
  • Residential Residential
  • Retail Retail
  • Sports and Leisure Sports and Leisure


  • Water Saving Water Saving