Washbasins Specialist

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  1. Airside 80cm Wall Mounted Washbasin

    Designed in conjunction with BAA (British Airports Authority) as an ergonomic shape to provide optimum user benefits and easy maintenance. It incorpor...

  2. Cherwell 21 Round Under-countertop Washbasin

    Round under-countertop washbasin with overflow.

  3. Dea 52cm Totem Washbasin

    From materials to technology, sophisticated ceramics to clever storage, Dea’s forward-looking, sensuous design delivers the ideal combination of pre...

  4. Leadenhall 55cm Back Outlet Washbasin

    Designed by Richard Rogers Partnership for a future landmark building in London.

  5. Marlow 21 Oval  Under-countertop Washbasin

    Oval under-countertop washbasin with overflow.

Viewing results 1 - 5 of 5