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Crafted Creativity

When our imagination is freed from limitation, the unconventional happens. And when our bold, playful and innovative ideas are carefully honed, they grow to become the engaging and inspiring realities of our future.

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  1. Amusa

    With Amusa, we took a simple, everyday object and gave it new purpose and life. Why can’t the bathroom be a place for playfulness or nostalgia? Remi...

  2. Bonamico

    Bonamico is an evolution in basin architecture. It’s an original deconstruction of a simple basin to create a sculptural, shell-like form. It’s also...

  3. Gravina

    Exhibiting a clear Japanese influence, Gravina dispenses with the traditional format for draining water, employing an altogether new approach. Here,...

  4. Ombrone

    Ombrone has been designed as an independent, freestanding object with its own identity. Abandoning formal limitations, this iconic design is purely ...

Viewing results 1 - 4 of 4

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