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Furniture is the vital ingredient in achieving the dream of astreamlined space. Flexibility is the essential quality that makesit work for you. Our ranges offer the ultimate in adaptablestorage that perfectly complement our products.Our accessories possess a functional simplicity thatsatisfies the need for clean efficiency. As stand-alonedesign statements, they create their own aura.

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  1. Simeto

    Simeto’s elegant framed design and discreet, colour-matched handles give the furniture a light and seamless look. The range includes integrated ...

  2. Turano

    Organic shapes work well in a bathroom because they relate to function and emotion in equal measure. Turano epitomises this duality. A fundamentally...

  3. Chiani

    Chiani consists of a wide range of ceramic pieces, storage and bathing solutions with innovative features providing the best possible use of space in ...

  4. Ippari

    Designed to support Sottini products perfectly, Ippari is a modular furniture system that allows you to personalise your space with tailored configu...

  5. Magra

    With its square-edged look and high fashion feel, Magra is the ultimate modern bathroom collection. A range of ceramics and furniture brings pure co...

  6. Mavone

    Mavone furniture is the essence of simplicity and purity, with sharp geometry inspiring an atmosphere of ultra-modern elegance. The range of vanity un...

Viewing results 1 - 6 of 6

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