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Brassware is where our business began.And we are wiser in its engineering thanmost. But, to us, it is the essential elementthat brings the joy of water into ourbathroom worlds. From a tap, we wantfunction, finesse and a splash of fun.

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  1. Basento

    From materials to technology, sophisticated ceramics to clever storage, Vara’s forward-looking, sensuous design delivers the ideal combination of pr...

  2. Borbera

    The innovative Basento built-in thermostatic shower system is easy to install and features a unique box housing that ensures superior water tightnes...

  3. Ciane

    Ciane is a perfect juxtaposition of the two most basic geometries: the cylindrical and the linear, joined in a dramatic, angular way. This bold synt...

  4. Lambro

    Lambro takes the sleek aesthetic to a new plane. The precisely flat surfaces on both spout and lever are the key distinctive feature, and these stro...

  5. Mazaro

    Mazaro’s flawless, sweeping arc vividly reflects the natural movement of cascading water. It seeks to create a harmonious connection between flowing...

  6. Melito

    Flowing curves are found in abundance in nature, but few examples are more spectacular than the striking, sculptural leaves of the aloe vera plant. Me...

  7. Pagila

    Paglia is unique in both function and style. The elegant waterfall basin mixer elevates the flow of water from a mundane, functional necessity to a ...

  8. Rosita

    Subtle design, superb quality and reliable performance make Rosita mixers and taps the perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom.

  9. Tesino

    Tesino basin mixers feature soft geometric design whichmakes them the perfect match for either softer round and harder square basinsand suites. They a...

  10. Tresa

    Successful, intelligent design is a product of two minds: the intellect considers functionality, efficiency and durability, looking for solutions an...

Viewing results 1 - 10 of 12

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