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  1. Precision Lines

    Precision Lines

    To be precise is to be confident. To confine a design to a line, an angle and an arc is uncompromising. To create ultimate functionality with absolute...

  2. Minimal Elegance

    Minimal Elegance

    Minimalism is the art of refined simplicity. It is the considered reduction of the unnecessary to reveal the essence of creative vision, quality of ma...

  3. Organic Forms

    Organic Forms

    The natural world is our greatest source of inspiration. In nature, symmetry, geometry and purity. Exquisite, the sensual and the tactile. We find ana...

  4. Crafted Creativity

    Crafted Creativity

    When our imagination is freed from limitation, the unconventional happens. And when our bold, playful and innovative ideas are carefully honed, they g...

  5. Furniture & Accessories

    Furniture & Accessories

    Furniture is the vital ingredient in achieving the dream of astreamlined space. Flexibility is the essential quality that makesit work for you. Our ra...

  6. Mixers & Showers

    Mixers & Showers

    Brassware is where our business began.And we are wiser in its engineering thanmost. But, to us, it is the essential elementthat brings the joy of wate...

Viewing results 1 - 6 of 6