Public Building

By definition a public building is open to a broad crosssection of society, each member of which has their own unique needs. Aneffective public building, be it a library, train station, airport or law court,must accommodate the wide ranging demands of the people it serves. Armitage Shanks, the market leader in commercial sanitarywareand fittings, caters for almost every conceivable washroom need that may arisein a public building. From Part M solutions for less able users to anti-vandalproducts and electronic water management systems, we have a solution.

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  1. Leadenhall 55cm Back Outlet Washbasin

    Designed by Richard Rogers Partnership for a future landmark building in London.

  2. Portman 21 50cm Washbasin

    Modern design washbasin in vitreous china in 3 sizes, 60cm, 50cm and 40cm.

  3. Sandringham Royalex 51/56cm Washbasin

    Available in 2 sizes, 56cm x 41cm, 51cm x 41cm, this vitreous china washbasin is suitable for wall or pedestal fixing.

  4. Salonex Hairdressers 61cm Washbasin

    Shampoo washbasin for hairdressing salons and health and welfare centres. Available with 2 tapholes at 20cm centres.

  5. White Round 45cm Back Outlet Washbasin

    Contemporary design luxury washbasin with back outlet. This washbasin is specially designed for use with ducted services and incorporates back outlet ...

  6. White Cube 50cm Washbasin

    Contemporary design luxury washbasin available as wall or full pedestal mounted.

  7. Alto 55cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin

    Semi-countertop washbasin with versatile and modern rounded design.

  8. Concept 50cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin

    A timeless contemporary design semi-countertop washbasin with subtle geometric outline.

  9. Jasper Morrison 55cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin

    55cm semi-countertop washbasin with single centre taphole. Designed by one of Europe's most successful designers.

  10. Studio 56cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin

    General purpose semi-countertop washbasin to fit square edged countertops.

Viewing results 31 - 40 of 467