Independant Living in the Bathroom

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With advancements in healthcare and technology enabling older people and people with disabilities to live more independently, having a bathroom that can be adapted to suit a range of requirements can make a significant difference as to whether people can live alone for longer.

This is because the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the home, with a higher chance of accidents – mainly due to slippery surfaces, hot water and hygiene concerns. However, the good news is that, with a few simple adaptations, it can easily be made safer and allow people with reduced mobility to continue to live comfortably and independently, without the fear of an incident in their own home.

Independent living considerations for the bathroom

For people with limited mobility, the bathroom can present many serious hazards if not adapted properly. Wet, slippery floors and surfaces increase the risk of falls, with most bathrooms featuring a variety of hard surfaces, meaning that when people do fall there is a greater chance that it can cause injury. Hot water coupled with hot fixtures, like exposed piping and taps, have the potential for people to scald or burn themselves, and it may also be difficult for people with restricted movement to lift themselves when using the toilet or bath. Additionally, it is imperative that bathrooms designed to assist independent living allow for ease of cleaning to avoid difficulties maintaining hygiene.


Thanks to innovations in bathroom design, there are a range of options and changes that can be implemented to assist those who are less-able. The introduction of non-slip floors and mats can dramatically decrease the risk of falls, while adding hand rails can give people with mobility problems additional support and peace of mind when using the facilities. Practical storage units are also important, particularly for people with limited reach and movement, while changes can be made to physical bathroom fixtures, like the addition of shower seats for those who may struggle standing for long periods of time.

Concept freedom range

At Ideal Standard we recognise thoughtful designs that meet the needs of those less-able, also need to be aesthetically pleasing. Our Concept Freedom Independent Lifestyle range has been created with comfort, freedom and aesthetics in mind. The range includes award-winning products like the Concept Freedom bath, which offers special features like a polyurethane gel headrest with ‘shape memory’ and an extra-wide ledge to support those with reduced mobility. Support and practicality are integral to the range, as well as a sense of timeless design.

Designed by Robin Levien, in partnership with occupational therapists, the ceramics, taps and showers in the range offer stress-free bathing. Products like the Concept Freedom wet room offer accessible luxury, whilst also providing a tactful modesty panel, that protects the dignity of the user when showering with assistance. The range includes raised height and elongated toilets for people who use wheelchairs or a frame, and also includes contemporary grab rails that blend in with the overall design of a modern bathroom. The range is interchangeable with products from the Concept Air and Space collections, giving customers versatility and the choice to create a bathroom space that suits their every need, including a wide variety of accessible fixtures.

Ideal Standard understands that the perfect bathroom for independent living needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, and we believe there is no reason why adapted bathrooms should not be both practical and stylish. Whatever your needs, the Ideal Standard Concept Freedom range offers a variety of different products that can be combined and customised to suit your needs, creating the perfect bathroom for all.

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