Safety in the Bathroom

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The bathroom is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. No matter your age, it should always be a sanctuary offering a safe and peaceful experience. So, when it comes to designing the perfect space, comfort and safety also need to be top priorities when it comes to selecting fixtures and fittings.

Keep it constant

When it comes to controlling water temperature, thermostatic mixers are a key consideration. If you’re not sure what they are, they’re taps which use an integrated mechanism that regulates the flow of hot and cold water to maintain a constant temperature. They’re durable and reliable and also reduce the risk of being burned or scalded by hot water.

Peace of mind

The integrated temperature control in thermostatic mixers provides reliable protection against scalding, improving the safety of fixtures in the bathroom. Thermostatic mixers provide a range of benefits for a variety of consumers, from families who want to make sure their young children stay safe to older people who are worried about using the bathroom alone. If mobility issues are a concern, they give extra protection if it takes people a little longer to turn off a tap. A constant temperature also makes it more comfortable for people to make sure they’re washing their hands properly, a key factor in maintaining good hygiene standards across the home.

How Ideal Standard can help

Ideal Standard recognises the huge safety and comfort benefits that thermostatic mixers can bring to the bathroom. All of our shower mixers have a temperature control button which can be set at installation, normally at 40° to guarantee maximum comfort and safety for all family members. Our Ceratherm T Collections all come with thermostatic valves built in, and offer a wide choice of models to suit every bathroom. Ergonomically designed, all of our thermostatic mixers are easy to use and clean making them a practical and convenient choice for a wide variety of bathrooms, with no compromise on aesthetics.

Our Ceratherm T100 mixer in particular, is an excellent choice for families with young children. This model also features innovative cool body technology, meaning the space between the core of the fixture and the metal body is filled with cold water providing families with maximum protection against surface burns.  

Ideal Standard understands that the perfect bathroom needs to be practical as well as visually pleasing and this means that safety and comfort need to be taken into serious consideration. Through the use of thermostatic mixers, households can guarantee that family members will not experience unexpected scalding, giving peace of mind to parents and enhancing independence for the elderly. The mixers ensure that comfort and style is always maintained, providing households with a relaxing and tranquil space.

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