The importance of Infection Control in Washrooms

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Infection control in healthcare environments is vital. Spaces with a higher footfall and a greater number of people at risk of infection - such as GP’s surgeries, walk-in centres and hospitals - can become breeding grounds for bacteria if preventative measures are not taken. However, proper planning and having the right processes in place can greatly reduce the risk for vulnerable people.

Washroom products with enhanced infection control properties are now readily available, and specifying these for healthcare facilities can make a huge difference to protecting people and patients with weakened immune systems.

Battling bacteria

One key way to fight bacteria is to opt for products with antimicrobial properties. Armitage Shanks’ Contour 21+ ceramic basins come with SmartGuard+ - a smooth, hydrophilic glaze containing antimicrobial additives, which offer extra protection against germs. They feature ionic silver, which is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria, this is built into the glaze and creates a defence that will last the lifetime of a product and provide maintained protection day after day.  

The Contour 21+ basins also feature Armitage Shanks’ unique Hydrofin design. Moulded into the ceramic, the Hydrofin cuts splashing by over 90%, ensuring that water hits the basin at a shallower angle meaning that its splash is deflected to either side. This innovative design helps to protect end-users from the spread of waterborne infection and reduces opportunities for the transfer of bacteria out of basins, as all water stays within the ceramic.


Armitage Shanks understands that washrooms made for healthcare need to feature products that allow for rigorous cleaning regimes, as well as maintaining practicality and efficiency. The Markwik 21+ range can be fully dismantled for disinfection, with internal components designed to withstand high cleaning temperatures, and detachable spouts created to withstand 135°C for autoclaving - in order to reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

The Markwik 21+ mixers are also compliant with the latest NHS guidelines, and include an integral thermostat which mixes water close to the point of discharge, minimising ‘dead leg’ areas of warm water where bacteria has the opportunity to grow. Mixers that are paired with electronic time-flow sensor controls use auto-flush technology – this means the mixers are flushed through with water at least every 24 hours to help prevent the formation of bacteria.

It is obviously crucial that infection control is considered when selecting washroom fixtures across healthcare facilities, in order to protect specialists and patients from potentially harmful bacteria. However, through meticulous research and design, it is clear that the market has begun to respond to the challenge, with washroom manufacturers now playing a huge role in helping to defend healthcare specialists against waterborne infection.

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