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When designing or refurbishing a school or any other type of education facility, the importance of washrooms may not be the first consideration with classrooms and communal spaces taking priority. However, the significance of these facilities should not be underestimated, as they can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of students and staff.

There is a lot to consider when designing school washrooms as they are often high traffic areas, meaning they have to be robust, resilient and meet the comfort, safety and hygiene requirements of end-users. In fact, it is now a mandatory requirement for any project that’s funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to meet legislation set out by the government. This was restructured and updated in May 2019 to include a new technical annex (Technical Annex 2A) which covers sanitaryware requirements for all stages of education from early years, through to primary and secondary schools. At Armitage Shanks, we aim to make it as easy as possible for schools to meet these requirements and our education product offering gives specifiers a wide range of solutions for all age groups, as well as literature for guidance.


If not designed or used properly, washrooms can be quite dangerous, even becoming a hotspot for accidents. This is understandably critical in schools, and safety must be prioritised when designing washrooms specifically for children and young people. Even frequently monitored washrooms are at risk of students playing pranks or even in some cases are victim to vandalism, this is why non-slip floors and durable fittings are essential for avoiding falls, accidents and injuries. The safety of fixtures must also be considered, with thermostatic taps recommended to prevent possible burns and scalds. Specialist basins such as the Armitage Shanks Contour 21 Splash Wash Trough have been specifically designed for school washrooms, and are made from durable and repairable materials. The troughs also are EFSA Guidance 2017 approved, which means they are fully compliant with new legislation.


As they’re used by a lot of people, school washrooms can also be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria which is why designers and specifiers must incorporate products with improved


hygiene measures. Maintaining hygiene within washrooms will also improve the comfort of end-users when using the facilities - as cleaner fixtures reduce the risk of unwanted odours.


Here at Armitage Shanks we understand that infection control is also vital within schools, which is why our range includes a variety of toilets that come with technology to prevent the growth and spread of microorganisms. Our Contour 21+ toilet bowls feature new, improved rimless technology and a hydrophilic smooth glaze with anti-microbial properties. The hidden fixation system offers a cleaner solution with improved aesthetics, making these toilets the ideal solution for busy school washrooms where keeping products clean is a priority.


To maintain the health and wellbeing of pupils at school, it is essential that they have access to a safe, hygienic and comfortable washroom that meets all of their requirements. Sub-par facilities can help spread germs and bacteria, as well as negatively impact the overall wellbeing of students. As a result, designers must take advantage of innovations in bathroom hygiene and safety and specify products that will provide pupils with a high standard washroom they feel happy and comfortable to use.

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