Concept Freedom Gel Headrest

E1092(67) Concept Freedom gel headrest

Functionality is at the heart of the Concept Freedom range.  This versatile bath is designed with all ages in mind, not only does it  nourish the independence and freedom of movement of the older generation, it creates practical uses for the full family without compromising on beautiful design.  Ideal Standard have worked with Red and Yellow on the development of this bath, they specialise in later life health, and alongside an experienced Occupational Therapist and Robin Levien they played an active role in developing the usability of the bath for a number of different audiences.

  • Gel material responds to the shape of the neck
  • Stylish grey colour
  • Designed perfectly around the shape of the bath
  • Self adheisive base

  • Neutral / No Finish
Material: Plastic

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E1092(67) Concept Freedom gel headrest

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