Doc M Shower Room - Individual Items

S6632(XK) Shower seat, folding 650mm projection fixed height

Individual items on an installation for use by ambulant disabled, walking impaired and infirm people, providing shower area with slip resistant floor, hinged seat, lever operated mixer, adjustable shower head, shower curtain and grab rails.
Thermostatic shower valve TMV3 approved to help prevent scalding.
The shower valve and diverter is more suited to duct installation.


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  • Grey
Material: Mixed Material
Weight: 9.95Kg

  • 1604039

  • 1706061

  • 2003002

  • NSF 2074/1018

Data Sheet Spares Where to Buy

Shower Seat

S6632(XK) Shower seat, folding 650mm projection fixed height

Multi System Fixings

S6635(XK) Multi-System back support fixed height

Shower Hose

E4745(AA) Shower hose, 1.35m long


L6919(AA) Lever operated shower diverter

Multi System Shower Curtain

S6750(01) Multi-System shower curtain 1500x2000mm

Multi System Shower Curtain

S6751(AC) Contour 21 angled shower curtain rail 1200 x 1200mm


S5093(AC) Clothes hook screw to wall, plastic

Grab Rails

S6454(AC) Contour 21 grab rail straight 60cm long x 35mm diameter (x4)

Grab Rails

S6452(AC) Contour 21 grab rail straight 45cm long x 35mm diameter

Shower Handspray Station

S6477(AC) Contour 21 shower handset holder, sliding

Shower Valve

A4129(AA) Contour 21 thermostatic built-in shower mixer, lever operated

Shower Head

S9313(AA) Short projection shower head for concealed or exposed supply

Grab Rails

S6360(AC) Contour 21 hinged support rail 80 x 35mm diameter, Doc M Compliant (x2)

Shower Kit

B9304(AA) Armaglide 2 handspray, single function


B1364(AA) Category 5 hose retainer for wall fixing which screws to the wall to limit handspray movement, to prevent back siphonage in category 5 installations


E4705(AA) Wall elbow

Special notes

For LRV and RAL numbers see Doc M introduction. 600mm grab rail S6484 x 3 for room set. 450mm grab rail S6486 is for back of door. Contour 21 shower valve A4129(AA) to TMV3

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