Silhouette Washtroughs Bespoke Sizes

S0632(01) Silhouette 2101-2400mm configurable washtrough with waste

A range of Solid Surface wash troughs designed for Offices, Education and large washrooms. Ideal for wherever multiple washing facilities are required. These can be manufactured to your size requirements.

  • Commercial, Offices and School washrooms
  • Bespoke size between 120 to 300cm
  • Durable and repairable
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 person troughs
  • Wall or vanity mounting
  • Hygienic non porous
  • Fire retardant

  • White
Material: Solid Surface
Weight: 65.00Kg
Length: 2400mm

Standards: EN 695 BS EN 14296

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Trough Sink

S0632(01) Silhouette 2101-2400mm configurable washtrough with waste


A9208(AA) Contour 21 soap dispenser deck mounted uprightrequires separate soap bottle


A9241(NU) Contour 21 soap bottle remote 4 feed for use with contour 21 soap dispensers


B8263(AA) Avon 21 washbasin mixer 1 hole, self closing push button, variable temperature control with 15mm female connector flexible hoses on inlets (x4)


Special notes

4 Soap dispensers (A9208) to be configured. Clean using a damp cloth or sponge. Wipe dry with a soft cloth to prevent spotting.


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