07 October 2016


Ideal Standard, the leading provider of innovative and design-driven bathroom solutions, offers a range of TMV2 and TMV3 approved brassware, with products suitable for all application types, be they residential or commercial, or even a healthcare or care home project which requires the highest standard of approved fitting.

The company has items which fit within both types of TMV approval. Vital protection to people against scalding when using bathroom products is offered by all TMVs, which work to control the blend of hot and cold water coming out of the fitting, be it a showerhead, tap or mixer. Different levels of protection are offered by TMV2-approved valves and TMV3-approved valves, which are suitable for different applications.

Valves suitable for domestic projects, be they homes or hotels, are identified by TMV2-approval. Products suitable for NHS and healthcare applications, which offer a greater level of protection, are identified via TMV3-approval.

As well as TMV approval, many of Ideal Standard’s products fit within the Bathroom Manufacturers Association’s (BMA) campaign ‘Hot water burns like fire’; a project which seeks to promote the need for temperature controlled brassware in the home. Scalding from taps and other bathroom products without temperature control can lead to serious and even deadly consequences, with hot water having the potential to cause as much damage to the skin as a flame.

The BMA is calling for homeowners and project managers alike to ensure that they install brassware that fits within its own and TMV’s stringent regulations. Many of Ideal Standard, and its brand Armitage Shanks’, all-encompassing range of brassware products that have TMV3-approval.

These include non-residential Contour 21 thermostatic basin mixers from Armitage Shanks, which have been designed to offer increased user safety in public wash areas. Likewise, the brand’s Markwik thermostatic basin mixers, created for use in clinical areas of hospitals, also offer increased safety in areas where hygiene is paramount and fit within TMV3-approval.

Ideal Standard also has thermostatic shower mixers to offer safe showering in applications where the bathroom user may be vulnerable. The CTV and TT shower mixers offer a stable hot water temperature, so there’s no risk of scalding when the shower is in use.

Thermostatic mixing valves which fit within both levels of approval are also available. These are primarily designed for use in residential applications where safety reasons demand that thermostatic control of the hot water is needed. Products from Ideal Standard which fit this brief include Concept basin fillers, bath mixers and bath shower mixers. Modern building regulations demand that safe bath filling is offered within a home, so installing products which meet this requirement is imperative for house builders.

Additional shower mixers that offer safe residential showering are Easybox Slim and Alto Ecotherm.

Richard Farrow, product manager: brassware and shower fittings at Ideal Standard, said:
“The safety of bathroom users is paramount when creating and installing any brassware product. It’s vital that the selected product meets the requirements of the application to ensure the project meets with health and safety or housebuilding regulations.

“That’s why we’re so proud to offer brassware fittings that fulfil all of these requirements. Regardless of whether the project is a domestic application, a healthcare institution or a building for public use, Ideal Standard has a product to ensure the correct TMV-approval is in operation.”

For more information on Ideal Standard and its products, visit: www.ideal-standard.co.uk

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