26 April 2016


Ditch thetoilet brush, get brassy and go slimline!

As many of the British public start making plans for the Bank Holiday season, bathroom experts Ideal Standard are encouraging us to start to tackle those outstanding home improvements that never seem to leave the “To Do” list – starting with the bathroom, one of the most essential rooms in the home.

Improving the bathroom can impact the value of your home as well as on your quality of life. To avoid any costly disasters and to ensure any planned work helps to add value, here are some tips from the experts at British bathroom manufacturer, Ideal Standard; it’s all about ditching the toilet, getting brassy and going slimline.

1. Bathroom criteria – before beginning any work, think about what role the bathroom needs to fulfil.
If it’s a busy family bathroom, could adding in extra basin or extended storage or showering be a sensible measure. Taking the time to consider how to make the space work for the home’s needs ensures the bathroom is fit for purpose.

2. Add Mirrors
– Mirrors are a simple way of creating the illusion of space and adding surrounding lights gives a really polished look. Ideal Standard’s Dea Bluetooth mirror goes a step further and features built in speakers so music can be added easily to the morning routine without the need for devices and wires. It also uses anti-steam technology, so the mirror won’t mist when exposed to steam and condensation

3. Tile your walls
– tiling rather than painting bathroom walls creates a durable, easy to clean finish, as well as a striking, luxurious look. What’s more, maintenance costs will be reduced as tiles can be replaced individually

4. Think hard about colours
– white bathrooms feel fresh and bright, but they can be among the hardest to keep clean! Deeper, richer colours when it comes to walls, floors and accessories give the feel of a boutique hotel and make housekeeping simpler

5. Create a dramatic impression –
create a focal point for your bathroom such as a beautiful freestanding bath. If price or space is an issue, scale this down to a stunning countertop or vessel basin sitting on a vanity top. Ideal Standard’s new collection, Concept Air, includes a stunning freestanding bath which would make for the perfect centrepiece for any renovation

6. Hit the lights –
good lighting is key to a successful bathroom renovation. Consider using spot lighting to make the room feel light and bright. Lit mirrors are also an emerging trend, ideal for beauty addicts or those who want to get a good look at themselves as they get ready

7. Think big for small spaces -
The average UK bathroom is now just the size of a king sized bed. Short-projection corner basins and compact toilets help shave off precious centimetres and make all the difference in en-suites, cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms. Consider adding furniture units to maximise space. Ideal Standard has a range of Concept Space saving solutions, designed with this this in mind. Smaller than average ceramics and furniture units eliminate clutter and make the most of the space available in a smaller bathroom 

8. Fix the drips -
leaks can corrode taps, stain basin bowls and ruin cabinets and flooring underneath. Aside from the water wastage, the added cost of repair could be a lot more. Good quality fittings are less likely to leak or experience other problems and are a worthwhile investment

9. Get brassy
- replacing taps and showers is an easy and instant way to give a fresh and stylish upgrade to an existing suite, creating a modern feel. Big taps, distinctive handles and the use of interesting metals, such as brass, copper and stainless steel are key trends for 2016

10. Ditch the toilet brush
- Ideal Standard’s new AquaBlade flushing technology engineers the power of water to cascade rinsing water down from the top of the toilet bowl opening, jet washing the entire bowl when you flush – so there’s no need for an unstylish toilet brush to lurk beside the WC anymore

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