01 May 2020

Getting back to work safely

Armitage Shanks, the leading provider of washroom solutions, has developed new mobile wash stations in conjunction with their supply chain partners to support the construction sector in getting back to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.


By making use of the wash stations, construction teams can adhere to the recently released guidelines on handwashing from The Construction Leadership Council (CLC).


The document states that workers are required to wash their hands when entering and leaving sites, along with any room where people eat should have access to adequate supplies of soap and fresh water which are kept topped up at all times.


It also stipulates that duty holders should provide additional hand washing facilities, particularly on large or spread out projects, or where there are significant numbers of personnel on site.


The new wash station units have been designed to give workers quick and easy access to handwashing facilities across sites. Two variants, which are both easily maneuverable, have the ability to also come with rigid base fins, without casters, to allow for quick forklifting. Options suited to internal and external working environments, the units, are purpose-built to be damage resistant so they can withstand high-traffic, daily usage on sites.


Both units include a ceramic basin, solid surface countertop, and press tap for single contact handwashing. Optional extras include soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers.


For more information on how to order these products, email businesssupport@idealstandard.com

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