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  1. Rectangular


    Baths rectangular in basic shape including Arc bow fronted and Asymetric. A variety of lengths and widths including water saving baths.

  2. Double Ended

    Double Ended

    Double ended baths, luxury and practical, perfect for two people

  3. Space Saving

    Space Saving

    Space saving compact baths for smaller sized rooms and practical water saving.

  4. Shower


    Baths designed to function for both bathing and showering.

  5. Freestanding


    Traditional look and modern materials.

  6. Steel


    Steel baths suitable for the specification market, hotel, housing associations and local authority housing including water saving versions. 

  7. Bath Screens

    Bath Screens

    Different styles of bath screens to go with our selection of baths.

  8. Panels & Fittings

    Panels & Fittings

    Panels and fittings for baths.

Viewing results 1 - 8 of 8