• Guarantee

    Our confidence in the quality and reliability of Ideal Standard products enables us to guarantee many of them for a lifetime.

    Our guarantee is offered on all products that have been used in the manner for which they were intended, and does not apply to any products that have been misused or abused in any way. Products must be installed and cared for in line with our fixing instructions and local water bye-laws. In the unlikely event the product fails within the guarantee period, we offer a free replacement or replacement part (or nearest equivalent). Liability is limited to individual products and does not cover consequential loss or damage on installation.

    1. All ceramic products are guaranteed for a lifetime.

    2. Idealcast and Idealform acrylic baths are guaranteed for 25 years from date of purchase.

    3. Showers, bath panels, furniture, mixers and taps, WC suite seats and cistern fittings are guaranteed for five years from date of purchase. (Cistern and shower door seals are not included. Replacements can be found on our Fastpart website (

    4. Standard gauge 1.8mm steel baths are guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase and our thicker gauge 3.2mm steel baths are guaranteed for 30 years from date of purchase.

    5. Shower enclosures, wetroom panels and bath screens are guaranteed for ten years and shower trays for 25 years.

    6. Parts (including push button flush valves)are guaranteed for five years and will be replaced if found to be faulty.

    7. Cistern diaphragms, seals and shower seals are not included. Replacements may be purchased through our parts supply service.

    8. When your bathroom has been satisfactorily installed and is working well, please ensure you register your guarantee.

    9. The guarantee is transferable “it applies to the product not the purchaser”provided guarantee registration details are passed on to the new owner.

  • Conditions

    1. This guarantee applies only to products purchased and installed in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.

    2. Proof of purchase is required in the event of a claim.

    3. Provision of the barcode/serial number will be required to enable product identification.

    4. We must be given the opportunity to inspect the product, if we request to do so. The product should not be removed or destroyed before inspection without our consent.We may request photographic evidence in any investigation.

    5. The product must have been installed,used and cared for in accordance with our instructions for installation and care. In addition, the products must have been installed in accordance with good plumbing practice.

    6. Where our on-site investigation reveals that the reported fault was not due to manufacturing or materials defect a callout charge will be applied.

    7. Where we are satisfied that a defect has arisen because of faulty manufacturing or materials we will, at our option,repair or replace the product free of charge to you. If we choose to replace the product and we no longer manufacture the identical model we will replace it with the nearest equivalent in our then current range.

    8. This guarantee does not apply to general wear and tear or where, in our opinion, the product has been modified, misused, neglected or wilfully or accidentally damaged.

    9. This guarantee does not cover consequential damage or loss.

    10. This guarantee does not cover damage and/or malfunction caused by inappropriate cleaning (please refer to our recommended care and maintenance guidelines).

    11. Mildew build up, the effects of limescale and corrosion are not covered under this guarantee.

    12. Glass breakage and any consequential damage. (All glass used conforms toEN12150-1 where applicable.) Breakage of glass is not covered by the guarantee as glass by its very nature can shatter.

    13. Warranty is not transferable in cases where product is reinstalled in subsequent locations.

    14. Idealclean glass coating is covered by a one-year guarantee, subject to appropriate maintenance and cleaning.

    15. Non glass or metallic spare parts (e.g. seals and bearings) are subject to normal wear and tear through usage and are therefore covered on all products for two years from installation. These part swill be charged thereafter. Thereafter,such parts are available for purchase through our parts supply service.

    16. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

    Ideal Standard pursues a policy of continuing improvement in design and performance of its products.The right is therefore reserved to vary specifications without notice.

    While great care has been taken to ensure accuracy of all prices, product codes, descriptions and dimensions, Ideal Standard reserves the right to correct errors.

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