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  1. Category 5 Hose Retainers

    UK water regulations and EN1717 require the prevention of backflow or back siphonage of contaminated fluids into the drinking water supply. The grea...

  2. Idealrain Slide Rails

    Idealrain 600mm and 900mm slide rail with adjustable handspray holder.

  3. Shower Hoses

    Shower Hoses


    Available in 2styles and 3 lengths 

  4. Shower Outlet Flow Regulators

    Water saving device for shower valves.

  5. Top Access Shower Waste & Resealing Trap

    Waste shower top access resealing trap

  6. Wall Elbow

    Wall Elbow


    For connecting the shower hose to a built-in mixer

Viewing results 1 - 6 of 6