Slotted and unslotted strainer wastes for washbasins.

  • Washbasin wastes
  • Strainer wastes


  1. S8720(AA)

    Waste 1¼" brass strainer waste, 80mm unslotted tail (Available in Chromium plated (AA))


Chrome Plated


  1. S8720 0.23 KG

Finish key

  1. enlarge (AA) Chromium plated

Alternate options

  1. Default configuration

    1. S8722(AA)

      Waste 1¼" brass strainer waste, 80mm slotted tail

  2. Default configuration

    1. S8811(01)

      Waste 1¼" plastic strainer, 50mm unslotted tail

    2. S8850(67)

      Waste 1½" plastic domed strainer waste, 45mm unslotted tail

    3. S8925(67)

      Trap 1½" plastic resealing bottle with 75mm seal, multi-purpose outlet

  3. Default configuration

    1. S8810(01)

      Waste 1¼" plastic strainer, dished pattern 80mm unslotted tail

  4. Default configuration

    1. S8730(AA)

      Waste 1¼" brass strainer waste with lift out grid

BIM, Revit and 3D PDF

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Product File type Size Format
S8720 BIM 452.0Kb RFA Download
S8720 BIM 199.5Kb IFC Download
S8722 BIM 452.0Kb RFA Download
S8722 BIM 200.0Kb IFC Download
S8730 BIM 452.0Kb RFA Download
S8730 BIM 159.5Kb IFC Download
S8810 BIM 452.0Kb RFA Download
S8810 BIM 199.1Kb IFC Download
S8811 BIM 452.0Kb RFA Download
S8811 BIM 199.1Kb IFC Download
S8925 BIM 21.3Kb IFC Download
S8925 BIM 288.0Kb RFA Download

Supporting Documents

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S8720 Data Sheet 199.1Kb PDF View Download
S8722 Data Sheet 78.7Kb PDF View Download
S8811 Data Sheet 108.0Kb PDF View Download
S8810 Data Sheet 74.0Kb PDF View Download
S8730 Data Sheet 80.1Kb PDF View Download
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