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  1. Close Coupled

    Close Coupled

    A combined toilet cistern and pan usually operated by a push button on the cistern top.

  2. Back To Wall

    Back To Wall

    A WC or bidet where the cistern and/or pipework is concealed behind furniture or a false wall.This can look very streamlined and can be an effective a...

  3. Low/High Level

    Low/High Level

    The cistern is mounted on the wall at low level with the operating lever at hand height or a WC pan installed in conjunction with a cistern fitted on ...

  4. Wall Mounted

    Wall Mounted

    WCs or furniture units which are mounted on the wall by concealed hangers. Designed to leave the floor completely unobstructed for easy cleaning.

  5. Export


    A bottom outlet WC pan suitable for export.

  6. Seats


    Seats for WC pans.

  7. Flush Plates and Buttons
  8. Exposed and Concealed Cisterns

    Exposed and Concealed Cisterns

    The ceramic or plastic tank which contains the water which flushes the WC. The cistern may be close coupled, concealed, low level or high level.

  9. In-Wall Frames
  10. WC Fittings

Viewing results 1 - 10 of 10