Social Housing

Repair and maintenance are a significant cost for most sociallandlords. With response times stipulated by the Tenant Services Agency, once arepair is requested they have little option other than to complete the repairas soon as possible, irrespective of the economic implications.  Armitage Shanks products are designed for heavy dutycommercial applications. Their enhanced durability will help them withstand themost challenging residential use. By helping to reduce the number of repairrequests made by tenants, they will help to reduce the landlord’s maintenancecosts.

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  1. Sandringham 21 Magnia Low Level WC Suite

    Versatile WC pan in vitreous china that is suitable for domestic and public building applications versions for lever syphon flush or both dual and sin...

  2. Low Level Vitreous China Cisterns

    Low level cisterns in vitreous china.

  3. Outlet And Inlet Connectors

    Plastic outlet connectors to connect WC trap spigot to soil pipe.

  4. Gemini Seat & Cover

    This lightweight seat and cover produced from high impact plastic designed for durability and economy. This seat can be used on all standard WCs inclu...

  5. Alto 50cm Washbasin

    Alto 50cm general purpose, full pedestal, semi-pedestal or wall mounted washbasin, one or 2 taphole options.

  6. Alto 55/60cm Washbasin

    Alto 60cm general purpose, full pedestal, semi-pedestal or wall mounted washbasin.

  7. Alto 55cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin

    Semi-countertop washbasin with versatile and modern rounded design.

  8. Alto 45cm Handrinse Washbasin

    General purpose, full or semi-pedestal handrinse washbasin, wall or pedestal mounted.

  9. Concept 170cm x 70/75cm

    The gently sloped ergonomic interior design matched to the extensive contemporary Concept range. Choice of two widths 70cm as 2 taphole or withou...

  10. Studio 170 x 70cm

    Studio 170 x 70cm


    Idealform™ bath with twin handgrips and optional tapholes. Studio measuring 150cm x 70cm, 170cm x 70cm or 75cm.

Viewing results 1 - 10 of 156