Doc M Requirements

What is Doc M?

Document M (or DOC M) of the Building Regulations is one of a number of documents providing practical guidance for building situations.  Doc M covers access to and use of buildings particularly with regards to disabled people.

A requirement of the 2010 Equality Act is to 'make any reasonable adjustment to any physical feature which might put a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage compared to a non-disabled person.'

The recommendation laid out in DOC M for washrooms provides practical guidance to help you meet many of the needs of the Equality Act.

What is Doc M?

So, if you are offering or required to offer toilet facilities to your customers, clients or employees, you must make reasonable provision for everyone of all levels of ability including wheelchair users.

Overall Requirements

Public and commercial properties vary in purpose, design and size.  Part M ensures that washroom accommodation is suitable for all those who use them, no matter what the nature of the building.

Part M guidelines should be used alongside the Scale of Provision,BS 6465, applicable to each individual building type, as disabled toilets may be counted as part of its overall WC provision.

Specifiers should also refer to BS 8300-2 2018 which works in conjunction with Part M.  It provides detailed guidance on the needs of disabled people in the built environment and describes the size, layout and fittings appropriate to disabled toilet facilities.

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