Looking Deeper Journal-10th Edition

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Looking Deeper Journal - 9th Edition

The journal of the water safety forum.

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Looking Deeper Journal - 8th Edition

The journal of the water safety forum

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Looking Deeper Journal-7th Edition

The latest thoughts, views and opinions on safer water delivery in hospitals.

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Creating Better Washrooms Report

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Looking Deeper 6th Edition Supplement


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Looking Deeper Journal - 6th Edition

Issue 6 looks in depth at how planning, water safety groups and product design can all have a positive effect on reducing Hospital acquired infections.  We talk to an expert on the importance of clinical planning at the early stages of

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Evaluation of droplet production by a new design of clinical handwash basin for the healthcare environment

Splashing from handwash basins may be a source of bacteria in the healthcare environment.  This article summarises research by the University College London Hospitals on the effectiveness of the Armitage Shanks Contour 21+ Hydrofin basin in

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Looking Deeper 5th Edition Supplement

A new Looking Deeper supplement giving you everything you need to know about Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

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Looking Deeper Journal - 5th Edition

In this issue of Looking Deeper we look into a survey focussing on what hospital clinical sinks are used for in 3 busy wards of a teaching hospital; Elise Maynard looks at risk assessment around basins and taps to achieve the most hygienic

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Looking Deeper Journal - Fourth Edition

This issue focuses on the dangers of bacteria lurking in hospital basin wastes.  Lookout for Dr. Elaine Cloutman-Green’s article on a more forward looking approach to hand hygiene and don’t miss the summary highlights of Rosalind

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Looking Deeper Journal - Third Edition

Issue3 covers feedback from the first Water Safety Forum, an article on how water system design can improve safety and a report from the Water Hygiene masterclass held in June this year.

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Looking Deeper Journal - Second Edition

In Issue 1 of Looking Deeper we put forward our aim of creating an interactive conversation on current thinking on water safety and infection control, particularly in relation to healthcare fixtures and fittings— and we got off to a flying start

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Looking Deeper Journal - First Edition

Welcome to the first issue of Looking Deeper, a new journal that aims to hold a definitive conversation on the latest thinking on infection control and safety in relation to healthcare fixtures and fittings.

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