1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. E
  5. F
  6. H
  7. I
  8. L
  9. M
  10. O
  11. P
  12. Q
  13. R
  14. S
  15. T
  16. U
  17. V
  18. W
  1. B


    A WC or bidet where the cistern and/or pipework is concealed behind furniture or a false wall.This can look very streamlined and can be an effective and efficient use of space in a small bathroom.

  2. Bar

    A unit of measurement of water pressure approximately equivalent to a column of water 10m high or 14.50psi or 100 kpa (a column of water 1 metre high = 0.1 bar).

  3. Basin Mixer

    A basin tap that will mix hot and cold water and deliver it through a single spout.

  4. Bath Filler

    Similar to monoblock basin mixers, but for filling baths.

  5. Bath Shower Mixer

    Bath tap fixture which incorporates a shower attachment.

  6. BS 6465

    British Standard 6465-1:2006, Sanitary Installations, Part 1. BS 6465 provides general advice on the design of washrooms and the scale of provision (the amount of WCs, basins, etc. a building needs), in new buildings and those being refurbished. The Standard covers 15 different types of building

  7. Built-in

    A shower vale that has been fitted with the pipework concealed within the wall.

  8. C

    Cavity wall bracket

    Provides a rigid fixing foundation for built-in mixing valves on cavity walls.

  9. Ceramic Disc

    The ceramic disc cartridge principle was developed by Ideal Standard and is the modern way to control water flow. There are no washers to wear and drip. A robust housing contains ceramic discs to control the flow of water through the fitting. Ceramic disc fittings are all ‘drip free’ and impervious to lime deposit.

  10. Cistern

    The ceramic or plastic tank which contains the water which flushes the WC. The cistern may be close coupled, concealed, low level or high level.

  11. Click and Clean

    The lower wheels and panels of a slider door on a shower enclosure can be released to expose them for thorough cleaning. The panel then easily clicks back into position to ensure a water tight seal.

  12. Click technology

    Single lever basin and bidet fittings incorporating this feature encourage water saving. The user lifts the handle until they feel a slight resistance, this informs the user that the fitting is delivering only 50% of it's maximum flow potential. Lifting the handle further enables the fitting to deliver maximum flow.

  13. Close coupled WC

    A combined toilet cistern and pan usually operated by a push button on the cistern top.

  14. Combination boiler

    A combi-boiler heats water up as soon as the shower or hot tap is turned on. It’s often located in the kitchen and supplies water at high pressure. Usually this system has a water pressure of between 1 bar and 5 bar. (1 bar is equivalent to 10 metres height between the bottom of a cold water tank and the top of the showerhead)

  15. Cool body

    Cool body technology ensures the fitting is always safe to touch, providing added peace of mind, especially if there are young children or elderly people in the house.

  16. Countertop Washbasin

    A washbasin set into a countertop or furniture unit concealing all the pipework below.

  17. D

    Deck mounted Tap

    Taps or mixers designed to be mounted on the edge of the bath rather than on the wall.

  18. DEFRA

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs, responsible for water conservation in the UK, tests, identifies and promotes water efficient products

  19. Diverter

    A shower diverter is fitted to all combined bath and shower mixer fittings. By operating the diverter, water can be directed from the bath spout to the shower hand spray.

  20. Double Ended Bath

    Generally rectangular in shape with the facility for fitting taps on the side of the bath, as opposed to the end, allows two people to bathe together.

  21. Dual flush

    All close coupled wcs have a dual flush cistern, a long flush push button delivers 6 litres of water and a short flush button delivers 4 litres.

  22. Ducted Installations

    By building a duct for plumbing all hot & cold supply pipes, waste and soil pipes and even the toilet cistern can be concealed. All ducted installations must include a provision for access for maintenance.

  23. E

    Eco Button

    Limits the flow rate to 50% to save on water usage, with a simple manual override to achieve higher flow rates.

  24. Escutcheon

    a decorative metal trim that goes around a pipe where it comes out of the wall to cover the hole.

  25. Exposed

    A shower valve which is exposed as installed on top of a finished wall surface.

  26. F

    Fast fix bracket

    This unique fixing bracket attaches to the outside of the wall which makes it easy and quick to install bar shower valves with minimal damage to walls and therefore less expense. It also ensures a robust and durable installation.

  27. First fix connection kit

    Provides a rigid fixing foundation for built-in mixing valves on stud partition walls.

  28. Fixed overhead shower

    An overhead shower head fitted to the wall or ceiling in a fixed position

  29. Floor Standing

    WC suites or Bidets where the base screws to the floor.

  30. Flow regulator

    Factory fitted with a flow regulator to save water. Usually fitted to the outlet of basin mixers and the inlet of pillar taps. A flow straightener is also supplied with some fittings to replace outlet flow regulators when used on low pressure systems.

  31. Flow restrictor

    A device within a basin or bath fitting which reduces water flow in order to save water

  32. Flush bend

    A flush bend is used to connect low level, back-to-wall and wall mounted WC pans to the cistern

  33. Free flow waste

    This waste is designed for use with basins without an overflow where the taps might be left running such as commercial settings or with children. The waste is continually open to prevent flooding.

  34. H

    HBN 00-002

    HBN 00-002 provides specific sanitary room layout designs, utilising the assemblies in HTM 64, for patient and medical areas.

  35. High level WC

    A WC pan installed in conjunction with a cistern fitted on the wall at high level with a pull chain near the ceiling

  36. High pressure installations

    Products only suitable for installations with a high water pressure supply. This is a minimum of 1 bar, but is often greater. Types of systems which supply hot and cold water at mains pressure include combination boilers, unvented systems and pumped gravity systems.

  37. Horizontal adjustment

    The shower enclosure profile can be adjusted horizontally to allow for out-of-true walls

  38. Horizontal and vertical adjustment

    The shower enclosure profile can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to allow for fixing into grout lines rather than onto tiles.

  39. HTM 64

    HTM 64 is one of a series of Department of Health publications that provides design guidance, not included in current British Standards, specifically for health buildings. It is applicable to all new build projects and whenever existing facilities are refurbished or repaired.

  40. I

    Ideal Waste System

    The Ideal Waste System is a state of the art plumbing system that features a special low waste outlet to reduce the space underneath the bath. The height of the bath is lower but the depth remains the same. The patented system is based on the scientific principle of equal water levels in communicating vessels.

  41. Idealcast

    The ultimate in bath technology, Idealcast gives the strength of cast iron with half the weight. Made from a composite of resins and minerals, which is cast onto the reverse of a vacuum formed acrylic shell, producing a highly engineered bath with a minimum thickness of 8mm. The sophisticated engineering produces the most rigid of all synthetic bath materials - Idealcast rigidity gives a wonderful sense of security and confidence. Simply relax and enjoy a lifetime of bathing pleasure.

  42. IdealClean finish

    A finish applied to shower enclosures which makes the glass easier to clean and then stay clean for longer

  43. Idealfil

    Idealfill fittings may be mounted on or around the bath or on the wall, independently of the filler, without the need for a conventional spout. The water comes from the combined filler and overflow. Idealfill is a low pressure fitting and works on the majority of domestic systems, delivering 23 litres per minute - faster than any other bath filling system.

  44. Idealflow hidden overflow

    The Ideal Waste System is a state-of -the-art plumbing system that features a special low waste outlet to reduce the space underneath the bath. The patented system is based on the scientific principle of equal water levels in communicating vessels. The combined hidden overflow, waste and plug system is controlled by a simple open/close control on the edge of the bath. Instead of a traditional overflow hole, hidden behind the bath is a twin pipe overflow that is connected directly to the waste. When you fill the bath with water - one side of the overflow pipe fills - exactly to the same level as the bath. If you overfill the bath - the water in one side of the overflow pipe will fill up and discharge over the bend and down the other side of the overflow pipe, directly into the waste system.

  45. Idealform

    All Idealform baths are moulded from a high quality reinforced cellcast acrylic sheet that is warm to the touch and provides exceptional insulation. The sheet is heated and then vacuum formed into the desired bath shape. It is then fully reinforced with Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP). A medium density 15mm base board is positioned and encapsulated with extra Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP). The bath is then cured, trimmed and drilled for tapholes or bath grips if required.

  46. Idealform Plus+

    Idealform Plus+ provides all the benefits of Idealform, plus extra reinforcement for peace of mind. Four different layers combine to give these baths exceptional strength and rigidity. The outer shell is vacuumed formed acrylic which is smooth to the touch and luxuriously glossy, easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. This is then reinforced with Glass Reinforced Polymer and supported by an 18mm encapsulated baseboard to increase it’s strength. Finally the whole bath is coated in an outer colour layer of a Glass Reinforced Polymer resin mix, which creates a stronger bonded product, with a smoother surface and added insulating properties to keep water warmer for longer.

  47. L

    Low level WC

    The cistern is mounted on the wall at low level with the operating lever at hand height.

  48. Low pressure gravity fed system

    This is a common type of heating system. The shower pressure is created when water flows directly from a cold water tank (cistern) in the loft to a hot water tank (cylinder) in the airing cupboard. The greater the distance from the bottom of the tank to the top of the showerhead, the better the shower will perform. Typically this system has a water pressure of 0.1 bar. (1 bar is equivalent to 10 metres height between the bottom of a cold water tank and the top of the showerhead)

  49. M

    Manual Mixer Shower

    Relies on adequate temperature control being provided by the hot water system, does not compensate for variations in hot and cold water flow rate, pressure or temperature.

  50. Mixer fittings

    Water from the hot and cold valves is mixed in the body of the fitting or spout to whatever temperature and volume is required by adjusting the handles on the valves.

  51. Monoblock mixers

    These are one piece basin, bath or bidet mixers which incorporate the hot anc cold valves and spout in one body.

  52. Multiport

    The Multiport Cartridge features 3 outlets [ports] for the out going water to flow through inside the body of the fitting. This provides a greater water flow out of the tap in comparioson to an internal cartridge with a single port [outlet]. Other benefits provided by the Multiport Cartridge are easy water and temperature control and a smooth effortless handle control.

  53. O

    Offset Corner Bath

    Fits into the corner of the bathroom,but has unequal length sides, giving more bathing space while occupying less room. Available to fit in the left or right hand corner.

  54. Over rim supply bidets

    Bidets for over rim supply are manufactured with one or three tap holes. A constant flow of clean water is provided for washing at a selected temperature.

  55. P

    Part M

    PART M provides information on the design and number of disabled facilities that are needed in staff and visitor washrooms.

  56. Pedestal Washbasin

    A matching pedestal is available for most basin designs and it provides stable support in addition to concealing unsightly plumbing.

  57. Pillar taps

    Traditional separate hot and cold taps for baths and basins.

  58. Pop Up Waste

    Often supplied with monoblock mixers, to avoid using an untidy plug and chain. An operating rod is usually concealed behind the mixer to raise and lower plug. Also available for use in a bath.

  59. Porcelain enamelled steel

    Available in standard 1.9mm or heavy gauge 2.9mm, porcelain enamelled steel baths offer great strength and resilience making them particularly useful for the specification market. With a slip resistant base, all porcelain enamelled steel baths come with a 30 year guarantee.

  60. Power shower tested

    Enclosures have been power shower tested to ensure the seals are watertight

  61. Profile

    The aluminium framework of a shower enclosure.

  62. Pumped gravity fed system

    This is essentially a gravity fed system, but with the addition of a booster pump, water is delivered to your shower at high pressure for better performance. The water pressure will depend on the pump, but in most cases this will be between 1 bar and 3 bar. You may need to increase the capacity of your hot and cold water tanks when a pump is fitted. (1 bar is equivalent to 10 metres height between the bottom of a cold water tank and the top of the showerhead)

  63. Q

    Quadrant & Offset Quadrant

    The Quadrant enclosure has a quarter shape, with the right angle fitting into a corner. The Offset Quadrant has one straight edge longer than the other to create more showering space.

  64. Quarter Turn

    A ceramic disc cartridge that activates the water flow from off to fully on in just 90º of movement.

  65. R

    Riser shower trays

    Shower trays which are fitted with riser legs for when the pipework is above floor level. Once in position the tray is easily levelled by adjusting the height of each leg.

  66. S

    Safety Stop

    Limits the outlet water temperature to 40ºC to protect vulnerable users. A simple manual override of the button located on the temperature control of a shower achieves a higher temperature.

  67. Sail Screen

    This bath screen has a curved side edge resembling a sail.

  68. Semi Countertop Washbasin

    A washbasin mounted on a furniture unit. The rear half of the washbasin is recessed into the top of the unit and all pipe work can be concealed. The front half of the basin protudes in front of the unit.

  69. Semi Pedestal

    A semi pedestal is fixed to the wall under a basin and clear of the floor. The semi pedestal does not support the basin but conceals the pipework.

  70. Semi punched tapholes

    Washbasins which are manufactured with semi punched tapholes. These can be knocked out with hammer to suit the type of brassware.

  71. Sequential

    Sequential taps only use one lever which controls water temperature. The water flow always starts at cold, reducing the risk of scalding and ensuring a cold water purge.

  72. Short Projection

    Some sanitaryware is designed especially for use in small bathrooms. The product is designed to save as much space as possible by not projecting as far as normal into the room. A short projection washbasin is very narrow from front to back. Likewise the short projection WC is considerably shorter than normal from the wall to the front rim.

  73. Shower Bath

    Provides conventional bathing with additional facility for over bath showering. Usually available as left or right hand options depending on which end of the bath is to be used for showering.

  74. Shower flow outlet limiters

    Flow restrictors can be fitted between the valve and the shower kit to limit flow rate to 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5 litres per minute, depending on ?requirements.

  75. Shower Tray

    The floor section of a shower enclosure, with a built-in waste for the water to flow away.

  76. Side Panel

    Used with a Hinge or Sliding Door to create a two-sided shower enclosure.

  77. Single lever

    A simple lever action which controls both flow and temperature in one easy action and is universally popular throughout Europe.

  78. Sliding Door

    A product which simply comprises of one fixed panel with a sliding door panel moving behind it to open.

  79. Smooth running wheels

    The wheels on a slider door move smoothly and easily to eliminate jarring.

  80. Soft Closing Mechanism

    This is the term given to toilet seats and furniture doors/drawers having a special hinge or runner mechanism which slows the movement of the seat/door/drawer as it closes. The mechanism is hidden within the hinge or runner. The seat and furniture will not close with a sudden thud but will gently fall into place, unaided.

  81. T

    Temperature limit stop

    The temperature limit stop can be set at 40ºC, 43ºC, 46ºC or 48ºC during installation of shower valves to provide greater protection for more vulnerable users.

  82. Thermostatic control

    Thermostatic control ensures that water temperature is maintained for total comfort and safety.

  83. Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    Automatically maintains water temperature at the required setting to ensure safe usage and prevent scalding, even when water is drawn off elsewhere. The safest type of shower.

  84. Three hole mixers

    These mixers have a spout with separate hot and cold valves/levers/handles and fit on to three tap hole basins, baths and bidets.

  85. Topfix

    Topfix enables the mixer to be fitted from above the basin. This avoids the difficulty of tightening the fitting in the awkward space beneath the basin, simplifying and speeding up the installation time.

  86. TT shower valve

    The TT shower valve is made from solid brass. The temperature handle provides precise thermostatic control, ensuring the temperature selected is maintained even if the water pressure varies. The separate flow control handle provides accurate control of the water flow.

  87. Twin flow fittings

    Even when water pressure is not balanced, Ideal Standard's twin flow fittings provide solutions for bath and basin. They allow a cold supply direct from the mains, while the hot supply can be furnished from low pressure storage.

  88. Twin sealing system

    The twin sealing system creates a water tight seal between a shower vlave and the wall. Sealing system one is a water proof foam seal which is fitted into the sealing plate groove to create a flexible seal over uneven surfaces. Sealing System Two is a flexible rubber seal incorporating fins which fit into the tiling trim surrounding the wall opening to provide a secondary seal against water penetration.

  89. U

    Under-Countertop Washbasin

    The washbasin is fixed to the underside of the worktop. The worktop cut-out should have a waterproof finish.

  90. Unvented mains pressure water system

    This system stores hot water under pressure in a large cylinder, which is usually found in an airing cupboard or garage. It can be identified by the expansion vessel on top of the cylinder and the absence of a cold water tank. Sometimes, in a refurbished property, an unused cold water tank can be left in place. Usually this system has a water pressure of between 1 bar and 5 bar. (1 bar is equivalent to 10 metres height between the bottom of a cold water tank and the top of the showerhead)

  91. Upstands

    An upstand on a shower tray is designed to be tiled over and allows for tiling down to the tray surface. They can be integral to the shower tray or purchased as a roll of flexible upstand, which can be cut to size.

  92. V


    A mechanism that controls the flow of water via a handle.

  93. Venturi Mixer Shower

    Uses high pressure mains to pull low pressure hot water through the special venturi valve inside the shower control, so the resulting mixed water comes out at a much greater rate than could be achieved using an electric shower or ordinary shower mixer valve. Gives excellent showering performance in conditions that are often deemed unsuitable for conventional thermostatic showers

  94. Vitreous China

    This material is a strong, high grade and non porous ceramic ware used for sanitary appliances and made from a mixture of white burning clays and finely ground materials.

  95. W

    Walk Through

    A freestanding glass panel which creates a showering space accessed from either side.

  96. Wall mounted

    Washbasins, WC's, Bidets or furniture units which are mounted on the wall by concealed hangers. Designed to leave the floor completely unobstructed for easy cleaning

  97. Waste Unit

    The fitting which enables the water to flow out of the shower tray. The ‘elbow’ is the angled water pipe section.

  98. WC

    Term used for Water Closet or more commonly known as a toilet.

  99. Wet Room

    A completely tiled showering space with no shower tray - the waste pipe is fitted straight into the floor.

  100. Whirlpool Baths

    The whirlpool system offers the benefits of hydrotherapy massage whilst bathing. The whirlpool bath incorporates a pump which is connected by pipework to a suction outlet and adjustable nozzles positioned carefully to suit the style and shape of the bath.

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