New Products

  • Markwik 21+

    As the trusted partner of many NHS trusts, our latest product Markwik 21+ has been developed to meet the very challenging and changing needs of hospitals.

  • Contour 21+

    The CONTOUR 21+ solution has been developed using a rigorous, scientific approach. Our most advanced healthcare solution yet, they are the products of years of experience and research.

  • Sphero Urinals

    Redefining the urinal, revolutionising the washroom - Intelligence Built In

  • ProSys In-Wall Frames, Cisterns and Flushplates

    What goes on behind the wall is as important as what is on or in front of the wall.

  • Cerafine D & Cerafine O

    Cerafine D & O are two of our latest tap collections which offer stunning good looks with outstanding performance.

  • Intellimix-Hygiene Redefined

    Rising to the challenges of the modern world, calls for a new definition of hygiene. That’s why we created Intellimix® – a smart touchless tap that dispenses both water and soap. 

  • Silk Black

    Let your personal taste and your sense of style speak out with our new silk black finish.  Black embodies sophistication and elevates any room in an instant.

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