16 November 2016


“The bathroom continues to be a key element of our homes, playing a much greater role beyond that of its traditional function as merely just another part of the daily routine where you start and end your day.

“It has become both multi-purpose and multi-functional, from somewhere to get energised and inspired to a space where you can relax and unwind. This is increasingly reflected in modern bathroom design, so we’ve collated some of the latest styles and trends when it comes to bathroom looks for 2017.”


It’s often been avoided in bathrooms, but light wooden furniture and surfaces are going to be a big trend. Thanks to a range of new finishes and treatments, woods that once wouldn’t have survived in such damp environments are now hardwearing enough to withstand wet conditions. Great for adding a rustic theme to your bathroom, think less polish, more salvage and rough-hewn finishes.


The ultimate material for fans of raw, cement provides a cool, relaxed feel to any bathroom and can make a space seem larger as it can be laid as one smooth surface. That being said, creating a cement floor, ideally with underfloor heating to counteract its cool properties, can be a big job. Luckily, cement effect flooring can be applied as an alternative. These strong materials are hardwearing and bring the industrial trend into your bathroom.


Sometimes changing the smallest details can make the biggest difference, for example gold, copper and chrome finishes, and will make even the most mundane basin shine. Adding metallic hues can give taps a contemporary twist, also look for oxidised metal or even a matt-pattinated finish for a more natural, less polished finish.


2017 is set to be the year that we bring the outside into our bathrooms, creating a sense of alfresco bathing without having to brave the British weather. Adding plants that thrive in the moist air of the space creates a much more vibrant room in which to bathe. They can even be hung from the dead space above the bath to give the feeling of a ceiling of greenery. Plants which work well in this environment are bamboo, ivy, aloe vera and orchids.


Bathrooms in the UK are small and getting even smaller on average – so perhaps counter intuitively there is a trend coming for using dark colours on the walls and floor, which with good lighting this can actually make a small space seem bigger, as well as delivering that chic spa like feel. Think different shades of greys, particularly darker shades and hues, which are very on trend for creating a tranquil feel of luxury and relaxation. Dark purple, rouge and even duller matte greens are all also on the rise as part of the bathroom colour scheme.


Walk in showers, with the entrance to the showering space at floor level, are set to become ever more popular. Taking inspiration from luxury hotels with huge showers suitable for multiple users, supersizing your shower at home for a luxurious experience is bang-on-trend for 2017.


There’s an increasing use of technology in the bathroom from LED lighting to indicate when the water has reached your pre-set temperature to setting water limits in your bathtub without worrying the water will overflow. The digital bath and shower controls help to reduce water consumption – that’s good for the planet and your household bills.


Once the preserve of the enormous bathrooms of the rich and famous, standalone baths continue to go from strength to strength. New developments mean that standalone baths (Ideal Standard’s Concept Air is a good example of this) can be fitted in a more normal bathroom for a truly glamorous, spa-like finish. With space also at a premium in many UK homes, smaller versions of popular bath designs are being introduced – and the advent of the space-saving freestanding bath means no longer compromising on bathing comfort, or style.


His-and-Hers bathrooms are on the rise as busy couples say the bathroom is the number one sanctuary where they can spend time together – it also means saying goodbye to waiting for your turn to brush your teeth in the morning!


Busy lives mean we’re less inclined than ever to install a bathroom product that is going to zap our time with cleaning. Thankfully, rimless toilets, such as AquaBlade from Ideal Standard, are set to become ever more popular and provide easy cleaning as well as a pleasing aesthetic. Rimless toilets allow for a more powerful flush without splashing helping to make cleaning your toilet less of a chore.


I expect to see a shift away from the super minimal bathroom of old. Instead, injections of colour and pattern will be incorporated into the design. Taking centre stage within this trend is flooring, where Victorian style monochromatic tiles or even Moroccan inspired repetitive patterns can be laid. Or add a little Mediterranean flavour to your wall or floor, look for traditional florals, decorative motifs or geometric patterns. Using a mix of eccentric shapes and colours can add a fun, vibrant look to your bathroom.


Floor standing pedestal basins are truly becoming a thing of the past and I think 2017 could toll the death knoll for them altogether. Wall hanging vanity basins make cleaning simpler and save space and 2017 should see a proliferation of these on the market. They are a saviour especially in small bathrooms, as a clear expanse of floor below creates the illusion of space.

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