Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) 22mm

A5901(AA) TMV thermostatic mixing valve, 22mm

22mm thermostatic mixing valves are to supply pre-mixed water to a set temperature to a bath.  Mixers are designed to be positioned under basin, bidet or bath immediately below the hot water inlet.  Mixers should be commissioned at installation to the application designated temperature.

  • Automatically shuts off if cold supply fails
  • Precise temperature control

  • Chrome
Material: Chrome Plated Metal
Weight: 0.60Kg

Standards: TMV 3 meets the requirements of the NHS Model Engineering Specification-D08 Valves. TMV3 meets BS EN 1111 & BS EN 1287.

  • NSF 2096/0224

  • NSF 2145/0319

  • 1711034

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Thermostatic Valve

A5901(AA) TMV thermostatic mixing valve, 22mm

Special notes

Operating pressures from 0.5 bar to 5.0 bar, 10 bar static pressure. Recommended supply temperatures, Hot 52ᴼC-65ᴼC, Cold 5ᴼC-20ᴼC. For best results both supplies should be at equal pressures.

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